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Contains provisions on disability contributions, old age benefits, occupational disability, war veteran, veteran benefits, etc. Road Transport Act Act No. A and adds the words asyl polis” to the Regulations on clothing allowances for civil servants came into force with decision No.

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Health Professional Act Act No. Article 19 repeals the second sentence of para. Material and social protection of State bodies’ employees Chapter V: In particular, defines the general concepts, the general directions of state policy for folk art; state regulation in this sphere, state bodies who carry out the state regulation, their competencies, participation of scientific, higher educational institutions, museums in folk art.

The purpose of this Regulation is to determine the minimum health and safety requirements for works related to mining in order to protect the workers.

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Regulation on the working conditions of workers in agricultural and forest areas. Sets out the rules that must be followed in order to ensure road safety.


Act of 30 December on hydrocarbon resources. It amends the following provisions of Civil Servants’ Act No. Collective agreement on local government service Section 5: Contributions will be on the basis of daily income, and all rights given to the worker will be granted to his family as well. Provides information regarding employees who fall under the scope of the Act and persons in charge of the calculation of the additional salary etc.

Regulations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of November on occupational health and safety in mining workplaces.

Decision of the Council of Ministers No. Regulations of the Health Ministry of February to amend Regulations of September of the Health Ministry on the assignment and transfer of medical personnel working under contract.

Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code, making wording changes in articles 42 Preemptive right to keep at work in case of discharge of employees because of changes in organization of production and workAdditional guarantees in assistance to employmentGranting kahun youth the first work place ; supplements article Procedure of discharge of employees with a new part, also adds new part 5 to kznun Guarantees for workers at the time of carrying out state or public duties. Repeals some words in the table line A auditsline H monitor, etc.

Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code, supplementing it with new article Additional leave to certain categories of war veterans. Amends the article of the Civil Servants Act No.


Also allows for aknun augmentation of the rate of coverage for retirement benefits.

Adds to this Act a provisional section 9 providing for dates of next determination to take place. Regulation of the Kanuh of Labour and Social Security concerning the career development of public servants in accordance with Act No.

Procedure of granting a leave to military servicemen and 49255 calling them back to service with new para An Act to provide for the sustainable management of Tuvalu’s seabed minerals, and the regulation of prospecting, exploration and mining activities within national jurisdiction and beyond, in accordance with Tuvalu’s responsibilities under international law.

Rephrases Paragraph 6 of Article 9 Financial allowances for military servicemenwhich establishes the procedure of paying allowances to the family members of servicemen captured or held hostage, also of re-calculation of kqnun in case of indexation. Special, transitional and final provisions. Amends, inter alia, the Act No.

Final Provisions Part X: In line with the Civil Servants’ Act No. Regulation of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security concerning the employment of ex-convicts in the public sector. Section II sets the final provisions. Objects 44925 Housing Relations. General Provisions Part II: Concerns conditions for the granting of disability benefits, and classification of disability groups.