Summary and reviews of A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley, plus links to a book excerpt from A Little Wanting Song and author biography of Cath Crowley. Rose is a restless, passionate science student who longs to flee the Australian bush. Review of “A Little Wanting Song” by Cath Crowley Rose is full of anger and ambition and wanting, and maybe Charlie could be her ticket out.

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And the reason why this book easily knocks over every other book in the genre is because of Cath Crowley. Charlie lost her mother and is to scared to do anything for the most part.

This book is crow,ey kind of book that should be read on long journeys down winding country roads, as the setting sun flits through the trees on either side of you. The moments where Charlie wants so much for her father to look at her and not see right through her, the times when Rose feels so suffocated by the place she lives in that it terrifies you to imagine ever feeling the same. Posted by LastBlues13 at 2: Cath Crowley creates a cast of genuine voices tied to characters that feel so clearly real.

Or at least considering widening my stance on CF. Charlie is an artist, crowleg musician, who thinks of her life in the context of songs and is has a dead mother whom she still talks to. Charlie, like any teenage girl, wants so many things. It didn’t detract from the writing or story at all but was a minor, personal irk I don’t think A minor can ever be sadder than E minor.


While the romantic in me dislikes their rocky relationship, I could identify with Rose’s fears and anxiety, allowing me to appreciate it. Published in the U. She’s wantkng her iPod, her guitar, and all her recording equipment, but she wants more: He, Rose and Luke are always together, getting into trouble.

This is where Charlie comes in. I loved his quiet, confident way and how despite his family situation, he never took his friends for granted and found a way to just make it work. She’s good at keeping secrets. Charlie Duskin isn’t just the awkward girl who could sing. Hardcoverpages. And that’s not this books fault at all. The water makes everything ice and cracks.


I adored it because I have eyes and I can read and… if you look really carefully on the front page you will see that this book was written by Cath Crowley, author of Graffiti Moon and one of the few writers who can take teenage emotions and feelings, bottle them and write beautiful stories that make your voice go a bit croaky if you talk in the ten minutes after you finish them.

Novels with dual or even multiple view-points can be interesting, but apart from John Marsden’s Letters From the InsideI haven’t seen it really justified – except here.

This is a funny, beautifully written novel that will leave you desperate for anything else this fantastic author has written. I, of course, adored it. Their voices aren’t that different from each other.

Her cth and fierceness. Fuck paddocks and plastic chairs. Everything in the book was heartbreakingly gorgeous. She was probably the one most easy to relate to.

A Little Wanting Song – Cath Crowley – Google Books

Anonymous May 29, at 4: Rose has a wonderful family, best friend and boyfriend but she ligtle wants out of her small town where she sees her mother got stuck long ago. I’ll admit that I was a tad bit disappointed by this book, only because it wasn’t as good as Graffiti Moon, but it was still a beautiful story.

In many ways, Charlie’s tale dominated over Rose’s, making us feel for her and empathize with her far more. Get wantiing Know Us. This is a coming of age story, and a friendship story at its finest. Some books are just endowed with a heartbeat and this is definitely one of them.

A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley | : Books

Notify me of new posts via email. English Choose a language for shopping. I scream back all the things I want croaley this world that I can’t have. Rose is trying not to suffocate in the small town she has grown up in and she will do anything to escape.


We pass the skeleton tree that never has leaves, no matter what time of year.

Rose likes science and shares some cool factoids about cfowley and water through her narrative. In alternating chapters, city-girl Charlie Duskin and country-girl Rose Butler reveal their thoughts, desires, and plans.

She was weird like Dave told her time and time again, but she was a good weird, a weird that is interesting and makes you want to know more. I’m hard to get, that’s what I am.

Charlie seemed to blossom as she get herself open up and be herself and not so shy. First off, Crowley’s writing style, especially in Charlie’s narration, is very sensorial. She talks through her music but she can’t actually bring herself to perform. The book’s focus is on a group of angsty teenagers, unsure of their place in the world and trying to figure themselves and their life paths out And even if the voices overlap sometimes, they still remain their own distinct characters; it’s almost in the way that good friends sound a little alike, but you can tell them apart — it’s probably part of the reason they are good friends.

You walk croley, and the music’s so loud the world shatters and the things that didn’t make sense before still don’t make sense but they don’t have to while you’re in there. There also some wonderful secondary characters like Dave – all round good guy and such a loyal friend.

A Little Wanting Song

All she wants is a ticket out of her small town and a chance to see the world, and that means leaving her skng and family behind. This is more of a personal preference though. The only real downsides for me — and really, I was able to set them aside — were: