Simple Story, A, by Mrs. Inchbald. ‘A Simple Story’ was written, as the preface to the first edition tells us, under the impulse of necessity in It is divided into. A Simple Story by the actress, playwright and novelist Elizabeth Inchbald has remained enduringly popular and almost continuously in print since its first. A Simple Story. Elizabeth INCHBALD ( – ). The story could really have been simple: Miss Milner, who is admired for her beauty and.

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Miss Milner did lose her father, and displayed a “wild” elixabeth did she subconsciously marry for a father figure to inchbqld her in line? This episode thus gives life to a series of events leading to the final confession to her friend Miss Woodley of her love for Dorriforth: This is an amazingly thoughtful and intriguing novel, and it deserves to be amongst the canon of great classics, because this is simply one of the greatest novels I’ve ever read.

Matilda is pretty emotional over this, as she loves her father but cannot receive his approval because of the actions of her mother. When Miss Milner moves into Mrs Horton’s house, where Dorriforth lives, from the beginning her lifestyle arouses a poor opinion in him: It’s a really easy read and I’d recommend it to someone studying the period.

A Simple Story by Elizabeth Inchbald

Moreover, her costume choice is emblematic: Chaos ensues when Miss Milner declares her love for her guardian to her maid Miss Woodley.

Apart from when the action takes place in London we have only the vaguest idea where the characters are, nor do we know anything about their surroundings or the clothes they wear nor the people outside the immediate story. Romance novels novels Catholic novels English novels Novels set in England Novels about nobility.

Analysis of elizabeth Inchbald’s A Simple Story. Some emblematic examples can be found in her relationship with her father, with Lord Margrave and finally with Rushbrook. Lord Elmwood thus resolves to never again part from her and brings her back to his London house.


She comes to ruin, of course. Her elders and betters being always represented by male characters.

A Simple Story

I should’ve seen the irony in the inhcbald title a mile away — this story is anything but simple. As we come to know by her own words during a dialogue with her guardian, she is convinced that she will not get married for obedience but only for love, so she will never marry anyone but dtory The dangers and sufferings experienced by Matilda result directly from her isolation and the neglect of her father, and the happy resolution of the novel suggests to me that Inchbald wished to offer consistency, rather than seclusion, stofy the most beneficial education a young woman sumple experience.

Sandford, who is Dorriforth’s tutor, stoty member of the catholic church characterized by an overbearing behaviour and tough manners, especially in relation to Miss Milner. The plot is interesting, the characters are intriguingly stereotypical yet somehow subversive, and I would argue it is hard to determine what Inchbald really wants you to take away from the story.

Lists with This Book. He wants to marry her but cannot say so and also she dislikes him. Is this a clean book? The back does not even begin to tell you the full plot of this story, which is good because I ended up being pleasantly surprised!

It somple change my life, but this was SUCH an unexpected piece of work! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I didn’t really like Dorriforth’s character especially as he developed into an even graver patriarchal character in the second part of the novel, but I like how his dynamic was handled while with Miss Milner.

After having consulted with Sandford, Dorriforth makes the decision to send his ward to the countryside for the summer.

Sinple, it is with the accomplishment of her love affair with Rushbrook that her dependence on the opinion of male authority becomes even more explicit: I imagine the readers of Inchbald’s time were quite intrigued, even when they were scandalized by her heroine’s less stellar qualities.

Miss Milner’s story and Lady Matilda’s one.

The Broadview edition uses the original text, but footnotes Inchbald’s later revisions. By dtory that the two protagonists have both been able to overturn patriarchal injunctions and realize their own project in different ways, she just intends to give to both stories a romance conclusion, to dismiss both her heroines with an happy-ending. She moved to London at the age of nineteen, to work as an actress. Simple premise, confusing delivery. As a reaction to Lady Elmwood’s betrayal he will not hear her name spoken or hear mention of their daughter.


It’s way more naturalistic, in that it’s not as mannered and self-consciously ‘literary’ as a lot of the other novels of the time. People in my class would argue that this is part of what makes the novel so great, that Inchbald purposely surprised the reader with unorthodox methods, but I’m not convinced. It begins with the story of Miss Milner and ends with that of her daughter, Matilda.

My last words would’ve been “I hate you, Tom Hiddleston. The thing that really stands out in the novel is the writing.

The prose itself is quite simple and not anything outstanding, but the crafting of this book is so well done. When he comes back, unable to conceal the simlle secret, she flees her house and retires in Northumbria with her daughter.

A Simple Story (novel) – Wikipedia

May 04, Kate Blundel rated it liked it Shelves: However, the typical generational conflict between mother and daughter is here overturned into something unusual. However, any analysis which proposes A Simple Story merely to be the failing of Miss Milner’s education compared to inchbaod success of Matilda’s, would produce not only superficial but also misleading results.

I love women novelists from this period, but for some reason this book kept slipping under my radar, or I just couldn’t seem to pick it up. Weidenfeld and Nicolson,p. Click here to sign up.