The Kings’ dwarf monitor (Varanus kingorum) is one of the smallest species of monitor lizard in existence. The King’s dwarf monitor is smaller than an ackie, and perhaps not as robust, but it’s still . Blood and Short-tailed Python Care Sheet. like to add to this care sheet,please contact [email protected] One Or Two? One is fine,but two is more fun for you and the monitors. Advocating and performing proper monitor lizard husbandry.

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Some females have been known to copulate within a day or two of laying and will lay another clutch within a couple of weeks. The red form being V. Please enter the letters from the image below: The female will usually guard the nest from other animals, and for this reason males should be removed from the cage or the female should be placed in a laying cage.

In the morning, to your utter despair you find yourself chasing the monitor all around the enclosure with your hand, all he wants is to run away from you, what’s wrong?

This will give you control day and night. This page requires javascript. Its total length is 7 to 9 inches, with more than half of that being its tail.

Beginner Lizard Care Your new lizard requires specific items for good care. Ackies Monitors grow to reach an average length of 24 — 28 inches with males usually being the large.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Ackies are a dwarf species of monitor so they can be kept by anyone who can truly put the commitment in, they are not hard to keep as long as you do it right. Monihor ready they produce a pheramone that stimulates the male into mating behaviour.

For this reason I don’t recommend using sliding doors with baby ackies, i have actually seen them stuff themselves through the doors, which can then lead to their escape. These are not dimmable but if the viv is big enough and the lamp sized correctly, as they like it so hot, you can get away with it. Young ackies may be kept in groups in aquariums or plastic tubs with one area of the cage reserved for basking at a temperature up to degrees Fahrenheit 49 degrees Celsius on the substrate surface.

Herping The Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Adding small amounts of water to the soil on a regular basis is a normal part of maintenance. I have read that some females have laid clutches as often as every two weeks, but my females only lay about once every month, and occasionally, a female minitor go several months without laying.


They like the surface and air to be dry and their burrows to be moist. Make sure that when being assembled the edges of the vivarium are well sealed. I provide two moniitor three layers of bark stacked on top of each other, as the multiple layers allow the monitors to choose varying temperature levels within their hiding places. Very little is known about V.

I keep clutchmates together in small terrariums under the same conditions as described previously for the adults. First described in as Odatria ocellata by Gray, the name “spiny tail” wasn’t given until Boulenger renamed the animal Varanus acanthurus in More information on picking your monitor in Taming Process section. There are a variety of ways to provide hiding spots, which include cork bark stacks, half logs, flat pieces of wood, thick layers of bedding and moss, caves, and lots of cover in the form of fake plants.

Yellow ackies were commonly found in the east, especially near Mt.

Ackies Monitor Care Sheet

Lizards included agamids, geckoes and skinks. All these reasons are logical, csre here is where I stand, providing UVB is not required in Monitors, they can get d3 from their diet Green Iguanas for example cannot eat whole pray as they are herbivores, so they would need UVB light in their enclosure.

Like most other varanid species, ackies are difficult to sex, and hatchlings are next to impossible to sex, although the well-trained eye can ascertain gender at four or five months of age. What more is necessary in a sentence?

These lizards have incredibly sophisticated and specific care, and should not be owned by anyone other then those who are truly able to take care of them properly neither should any animal which is why it is important to do your research. The bark slabs used for hides will trap the humidity from the soil and provide the monitors with humid hides, which will aid in shedding and overall health.

King’s Dwarf Monitor Care And Breeding

It is very important to not disturb her during this time. Red Ackies may get slightly bigger then yellows. Ours burrow under the bowl, which is at the cooler end of the viv. Ackie monitors or spiny tailed monitors make a good first monitor lizard or a step up from the more commonly kept agamid lizards such as bearded dragons. Gently excavate the eggs from the nest and place them in sealed plastic boxes on a substrate of perlite at a ratio of one part water to one part perlite, by weight.


The soil must have some moisture but not be saturated. PAYNE is a biology teacher, former senior herpetology keeper and private reptile breeder. Since Ackies Monitors come from Australia they should be provided with a basking zone of around degrees with the cooler side getting no lower than 65 degrees and no warmer than 80 degrees. The first step is to setup a enclosure before you purchase your monitor although, this rule can be followed for any species of petthis will ensure that proper basking temps, and hides will be available for your monitor species.

Remember they are quite long lived, 15 — 20 years so if considering these fascinating little monitor lizards you need to understand the comittment you are undertaking before buying. Rock crevices or burrows under large boulders serve as retreats and areas where animals may thermoregulate without being exposed to predators such as raptors, snakes and other monitors. This will allow your Ackies to thermalregulate its temperature and still feel secure.

Ackies Monitor

Sjeet than that, my pairs seem to coexist peacefully. A gravid female become visibly round and the developing eggs can be easily seen through the thin belly skin. Gut loading the insects prior to feeding is the best way to ensure a balanced diet. I use gut loaded cockroaches in the main but vary this as much as possible. Handle your monitor by placing one hand over another, and continue this process, while the bonding process is starting try not csre handle them for too long, minutes at a time is good.

Thermal burns occur when a cold animal in a cold enclosure sits under a hot basking light that is directed on less than 75 percent of the animal’s body. Ask to see the monitor eat, and for pictures on their original enclosures. Comments are always appreciated! For babies, it is especially important to provide adequate humidity, as I would imagine dehydration could quickly occur at the high temperatures these lizards enjoy.

Although they come from hot areas, humidity in much of northern Australia is very high, as is the humidity in any subterranean burrow. Of course, monior monitor would benefit from a larger carf, especially a species as active and curious as acanthurus.