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Now over witnesses, their credibility is also connected to their background: He described there are fleets of those ships bigger than planet Earth, as he went through the NASA archives. Sometimes it was thousands of pages of information sometimes it was aannda encounters. To remove the isolation from a separate few contactees, is to spread creative means to engage contact… he did, inan experiment with Bksman and other nationalities in Switzerland, a neutral country, over 2 nights, applied the protocols using a biofeedback of 8Hz and willpower and other components — each of the participants were able to summon their own UFOs.

Magnecules of millions of iso-electrons is an ideal material to process from the large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for instance, they could have reversed the oil spill in the Gulf… Sea salt, oil spill put through the plasmArc Flow hadronic reactor produces a clean magnecule gas, called MagneGas iso-electrons clustered together, producing clean oxygen and nitrogen as a bi-product, with much more energy, x plus.

Radio-astronomy shows that the iron in our blood and solar system, is derived from Sirius. Primitive life is a time machine.

ANANDA BOSMAN | Pearltrees

This new gamma rays, comprised in the form of 24 iso-tetrahedrons, that were synchronised in the same Ghz pulse, over the entire galaxy, concurrently, as observed by Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist, Dr Frank Smith…. The Universal Man that is existing in Time and Space travelling machines, with a reference aananda hypertime, such as in a continuum of ExtraTemporality, needs to be on the other side of the Moebius strip to the linear time referenced homo sapiens… There are many designer planets and many versions of this designer system of life.


The way that the conch shells unfold is according to knowing the anznda, as well as the past, it requires these 6 arrows of time to be in a living animate, not quantum dead space.

But are direct descendants. He mentioned to us the proto-Vedic super culture of the Sarasvati Valley in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Rajastan that talked abouthumanoid races.

The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel: And publicly speaking on Hz in Augustthanks to the work of Jonathan Tennenbaum and co, with a plethora of classical musicians spearheading the Hz musical tuning in the modern classical music world, for years before.

The evidence shows they are near the Sun: This is a hyper-hologram that is ALL species in humanoid form at the same time. He sent his statement nosman every member of congress. We come across the harmonics all over the world, and in all branches of science, and sacred architecture and geometry.

He showed with the conch shells that when he applied the new Genotopic Mathematics to them a completely new field of mathematicsa new holographic method with 6 arrows of time, 6 dimensions of time, became empirically demonstrated to operate within their animate morphology.

He talked to Dr Dan Bksman in Switzerland via an intermediary about those topics, these particles that are transforming our biology. There is a musical arrangement, Kepler predicted the mechanism of the solar system, that Ceres would be discovered, and extends to Neptune in pentagram cascade.

Also going into the golden sphere, and similar things. But they are in a book in the writing]. Having heard endless musical melodies in his being since he was a child, music is second nature to Ananda, with a continuous flow of music pouring through. New energy is being pumped into the planetary systems.

Jean-Luc got an award for finding him, a whole Swiss chocolate bar for himself, so Ananda remembers that strikingly, the chocolate helped him remember his whole life. He has made practical brand new physics beyond quantum physics: We become extraterrestrial and extratemporal travelers in the next generations, bosmxn the hadronic space-time machines, and these hypergenetic processes, through the 6 arrows of time, are also operating within the summation of us now, in every moment.


There is a huge amount of documentation on that landing and meeting. From hadronic form into the Nordic form they appeared to Ike. He showed us Ceres and the asteroid belt. Then the ship became focused like a camera lens. Ananda, was first featured as the lead singer in the songs ” One ” and ” Light My Flame ” composed by Danish artist Jesper Nielsen, Erling Strand in who studied the Hessdalen lights. He was joined by musicians like: From to he got this education from Andromedians, some of it was difficult, at times unpleasant but it was what he needed.

Since these findings have been accepted and are empirical in the biological science, the logistics for evolutionary theory changes [Enclosed is one paper from Dr. Relaying the same information, they create their bodies from material in the solar system [it is highly inlikely that Sgt Salter had read this communication from the Emmanuels]. It is Ananda’s vocals that are featured in the sound bytes of this popular psychedelic GOA trance song.

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These showed publically inand published in bosmaan, in his Sungate Conspiracy:. Films that show fleets of these close to the sun, many times bigger than Earth, going over solar flare holes, and that are not be drawn into the sun.

During the s, his contacts were relaying to him that in fact all bosmwn is being re-edited. The stereotypical grey emerged with Betty and Barney Hill.


Ce site utilise des cookies. Jupiter receives brighter new auroras, same with Saturn and Uranus, new cosmic events, etc.

He described the E. Lockheed engineer Dr Norman Bergrun, a NASA photo engineer, documents in his book The Ringmakers of Saturn, that in the bosmann ships of 50, km long could be seen, as living entities, living plasma, that resynthesize our holographic reality. Released in May