So these Swayambhu temples hold a special significance. Ashtavinayak Yatra Sequence & Map: Know All About The 8 Important Ganpati. All the Eight Ashtavinayak Templs are Swayambhu (self-originated) and Jagrut. There are various Ashtavinayak Yatra Route Map. astavinayak travel road map . Ashtavinayak Yatra on a bike or car, the monsoon road trip route from A small warning, Google Maps will show a route 12 kms lesser than the.

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Ganesha is said to reside here in the form of Varada Vinayaka, the giver of bounty and success. Your blog your map and your hotel tips helped a lot. Fabulous five road trips in South India December 29, There is no electric bulb in the temple.

Ashtavinayak Yatra Route Map

The state of Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of uranium in Mmap. This trip also features in our calendar of the long weekends ofand there are a few more to go so do check it out!

Map of Maharashtra in Hindi. This is to indicate that they were not sculpted but they were found formed by nature.


Ashtavinayak Yatra Route and Guide

The temple is North-facing and is on a small hillock. There are loads of motels and lodges here and can offer a decent stay.

The idol, with its trunk turned to the left, has a cobra Nagaraja poised over it protecting it. He left for home thereafter. This temple is built in a way that sunrays directly fall on the Ganesh idol after sunrise. Notify me of new posts by email. The original murti was small in size and made out of sand, iron and diamonds.

This section does not cite any sources.

Views Read Edit View history. This temple is located just off the Pune-Nashik Highway, [ citation needed ] in the town of Ozhar. The temple faces south.

They are allowed in the immediate vicinity of this idol to perform their prayers. So these Swayambhu temples hold a special significance.

Ashtavinayaka Ganpati Photo credits: Offbeat tracks in Maharashtra 2nd ed.

For ten days, tatra streets of Maharashtra will resemble a carnival, with local stages, music, dance and celebrations of all kinds. This idol seems to be little different from the rest of the Ashtavinayak idols in a sense that it appears to be not very well designed or carved like the other idols.


Peshwa Madhavrao had constructed the ashatvinayak sanctum, to house the swayambhoo naturally found idol. Long weekends are good time to relax.

Lucky Fruits for Vineet’s a road tripper heading aageseright.

Ranjangaon Ganpati is one among the Ashtavinayak, celebrating eight instances of legends related to Ganesha. The village derives its name from the Marathi name of the bird Peacock – there used to be a lot of peacocks in this village in the ancient time [ citation needed ]and the village is also set out in the shape of a peacock.

Ashtavinayak Tour Road Map

A variation of this legend is commonly known in South India. He was devotee of Lord Ganesha and used to worship stone idol of Shri Ganesha in the forest along with his friends and companions.

Shiva is believed to have worshipped Ganesha before fighting the demon Tripurasura here. Be mindful of the monkeys.