Avital LX L • 1-Way Remote Start System Keyless Entry and 2 Remote Transmitters Remote Start Vehicle System with two transmitters • Panic and. Buy Avital Avistart Remote Auto Car Start Starter & Keyless Entry System L at Once an Avital Remote Start package is purchased, you can either take it to a mechanic to have the system installed or you can do it yourself. If you decide.

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Figure A Figure B Important! The default setting is 0.

This product is intended for installation by a profes- sional installer only! Page 52 The company behind this system is Directed Electronics Since its inception, Directed Electronics has had one purpose, to provide consumers with the finest vehicle security and car stereo products and accessories available.

To connect the Avital Remote Start to the ignition wiring, the Heavy Gauge Relay and 6-pin connector can be connected to the ignition wires.

Once an Avital Remote Start package is purchased, you can either take it to a mechanic to have the system installed or you can do it yourself. Feature Default Optional settings setting Remote start runtime 12 minutes minutes Diesel start delay That’s where Avital’s Remote Start comes in.

You should also be sure to check seller ratings, as better seller ratings will ensure a better buying experience. Use the following learn routine to add transmitters to the sys- tem. To secure the connection even further, zip ties can be placed overtop the tape.

This lets you start your car from inside a house or other building so your car is the perfect temperature when you get in. When the dou- ble pulse unlock feature is turned on, the BLUE 3 wire will supply two negative pulses instead of a single pulse.

Plug-in Program Switch Plug-in program switch The Program switch plugs into the blue two-pin connector. Use it to change the output pulse duration for vehicles that require a longer pulse for the horn to honk.


How to Install an Avital 4103 Remote Start

It is crucial that these connections 44103lx made correctly so that they are capable of handling the current demands. Making your wiring connections Before making your connections, plan how your wires will be routed through the vehicle. Pressing on the remote will cycle through the available options in each feature.

Any attempt to install this product by any. Start the vehicle with the key. Be sure not to touch the pink and white aviatl accessory wire, as this does not need to be avltal. Troubleshooting The starter cranks for six seconds but does not start. The Program switch can now be re- DRW leased. Enable the trunk release by connecting the wire to the Avital Remote Start device. Page 47 The vehicle will start and run only for about 10 seconds. This resets features all of the security system to the factory default settings.

Shutdown diagnostics The unit has the ability to report the cause of the last shutdown of the remote start system. By pressing ‘print’ button aavital will print only current page. Simply hold down the button for one second and secure it out of avittal way.

Installing it in a standard transmission vehicle is dangerous and is con- trary to its intended use. Connect the pink and black, and yellow and black wires on pins 2 and 3 to the green and blue wires from the Avital Remote Start device. Some immobilizer systems will not allow the vehicle to crank if active.

The LED will light constant when the tach signal is learned. Release the Program switch. On cold mornings when there’s frost on car windows and a nip in the air, the last thing you want to do is have to manually start their car for it to heat up and avtial. Don’t have an account?


Then, twist the wires together and cover with tape. Learn Routine will be exited if: The vehicle will start and run only for about 10 seconds. Neutral Safety Switch Interface Neutral safety switch interface Some vehicles do not have an electrical neutral safety switch.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The same holds true for the remote control activation when set to a two pulse setting it is necessary to press the button twice for the remote start to activate or deacti This manual also for: Do not return the vehicle to the avitzl until this feature is properly installed!

Avital 4103 Installation Manual

To enter diagnostic mode: This product is intended for installation by a profes. For vehicles 4103lxx do not have a second ignition or accessory wire, this connection is not required.

To connect the wires, first cut the insulation of the proper wires with the X-Acto knife. Installation points to remember Important: Page 40 When programmed to the latched output the status will only 4103,x active for 10 minutes.


Be sure to keep the clips that hold the dash panel trim on for later use. After the install is complete, remote start the car. Make sure there is adequate clearance to the front and rear of the vehicle before attempting this test. Next, use the trim tool to remove the dash panel trim and the trim above the ignition switch.

The two red heavy gauge input wires on 4103ox relay satellite should have solid connections. You can also narrow down these results by choosing an appropriate category to the left.