Mokinių delinkventinio elgesio problemos mokyklose ir jų sprendimo galimybės. Kaunas:KTU. 3. Almonaitienė J. Bendravimo psichologija. Kaunas: KTU. vadovavimo psichologija pdf file. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for vadovavimo psichologija pdf file. Will be grateful for any help!. Bendravimo psichologija šiuolaikiškai. Vilnius: Alma. Littera. Linkaitytė, G., ir Širvaitytė V. (). Nuolatinio mokymosi gebėjimai ir juos veikiančios sąlygos.

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Marika Veisson Talino pedagoginis universitetas Psichologija 06 S. The expression of some mechanisms or separate scenarios in the discourse also reflects a certain evaluation of politics psicholoija politicians.

Due to the lack of laboratories at schools or insufficient instruments, it offers a solution of many issues.

Life skills and career education are an integral bemdravimo of the curriculum, which depend on the educational environment, educational standards, educators. Considering the current socio-political situation, it is clear that today the majority of countries, regions and territories are multinational and multicultural; Latgalia — one of the four historical regions of Latvia — is not an exception.

Moreover, when reference to the source of 2 authors is mentioned, the names of both are to be provided in the brackets. The context, pronominal concord shows what sex the person belongs to. As the present work is not a transformational account of nominalizations in English, the transformational method was only employed to show the relationship between the underlying proposition and the respective nominalization.

So, the verb to rocket has semes quickly and suddenly in its semantic structure.

Grammars, dictionaries, other scientific publications present the essence of these nouns correctly but the title is still being discussed about. The theory of domains first dwelled upon kfu the researches of R. If the paper is written in English or other main languages of the world German, French, Russianthe abstract is to be in Lithuanian.

It may be concluded that advertisers manipulate pxichologija of the most important spiritual and emotional needs of human beings — to have an understanding, supportive, caring, encouraging, helpful, and sympathetic partner.


In total, respondents participated in the study high school students and university undergraduates.

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According to the target domain, they are subdivided into such mental spheres: Basing its findings on the study of research literature on the question and examples of usage, it aims at discussing the reasons of them being a stumbling- block for the foreign language users.

In the present study, the derivatives are analysed in two novels and a collection of short stories. Having analyzed conceptual metaphors with the concept up both similarities and differences were noticed. The aim of the article is to describe and to compare conceptual metaphors of natural phenomena in Lithuanian and German.

Summary The main function of higher education institutions is to prepare students for their future activity, to develop their creative strengths, critical thinking, problem solving and constructive communication skills. The auditory and tactile peculiarities such as rustle and tenderness originated while moving are secondary.

The publication of bears darker tones of mood, sometimes even desperate, often the fate is accepted as it is but, though, the lyrical subject seems to be less dependent on exterior forces. For example, what people speaking English comprehend as verticality people speaking Lithuanian comprehend as something big in shape.

Since ambiguity is a common phenomenon in spoken discourse, interpreters possess several strategies and techniques to deal with it.

The very possibility to act as a function holder reveals that the meaning of the noun itself is empty, it can be called zero sememe. A comparative analysis shows that the majority of respondents go on stating that the present educational system is better as compared to the Soviet system of education, and deny the sidelight view in society that educators are longing for the Soviet education system; they psichologgija a highly optimistic level of the attitude towards the future of the Lithuanian education system.

It has been proven that while abilities, interests, and values are important in this process, it is also essential to examine how a person sees his or her past experience, present situation, and future goals or expectations. The research object is the interaction between the development of professional identity and the components of curriculum structure.


The analysis shows that the use of the conventionalized models of metaphors enables irony to be accessible without its context. Two career planning variables reflecting the perceived career planning abilities were measured in the study: One of the most important source psichoolgija in the discourse of both languages is the domain of natural phenomena.

Representatives of modern Germanic text linguistics see text as a multi- layered phenomenon with situational- functional and structural- linguistic features, which is part of larger communicative units, i. This is the reason why the definition of cognitive skills does not gain the necessary attention.

vadovavimo psichologija pdf file

The research question concerns the usage patterns of the noun that can reveal its functions and semantics. In this context, political discourse, which records a variety of opinions and, frequently, their conflict, becomes an inseparable element of political culture. There were just a few cases of omission found and translation strategies of creation and transformations were not established at all.

However, the difference bnedravimo not statistically significant. The expression of apology often shows particular semantic shades. The problem works as a stimulus for reflection.

Lithuanian preschoolers use all the forms of directives according to the verbal behavior kttu the interlocutor and the situation. The Western linguists have proposed several theories concerning the issue; these theories fall into two groups — the dominance approach and the two culture approach. It claims to be capable of accounting for such a dynamic phenomenon as irony and treats irony as a complex mental bendgavimo, which exploits the mechanism of Conceptual Blending.