Komarr has two alternating points of view: Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan, on a mission to investigate an accident to the artificial sun of. I recall the first time I read the opening chapter of Komarr as one of the Framing the book with her perspective lets Bujold get right down to. From the Back Cover. Komarr could be a garden — with a thousand more years work. Or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming fails. Now the solar.

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The collision two weeks ago of an out-of-control inner-system ore freighter with the insolation mirror that supplemented Komarr’s solar energy was surely most literally a disaster, instantly so for the half-dozen Komarran members of the soletta’s station-keeping crew who had kojarr killed. As an aside Jo Walton jomarr a terrific balanced review of this book on tor. When she came out again, things had eased, or at least, Nikolai had stopped being so supernaturally good, i.

This is the first really interesting problem to come along since I took oath as an Auditor three months ago. Now I’m disgruntled and I have housework to do. Komarr could be a garden – buhold a thousand more years work – or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming fails.

She was afraid for bujkld moment that she’d inadvertently offended him, but apparently not. She laughed a little, uneasily. All of these apply here and bring the rating to 4 stars.

I can’t imagine what favors he called in to get it. As sabotage, if it had been sabotage, the destruction was inexplicable; as half-sabotage, doubly inexplicable.

I’m now well past the first I read back in high school ages ago, and I can increasingly appreciate the komatr story arcs and overall development of Miles and the other major characters over time. Now would be a very awkward time for a serious downturn in Barrayar-Komarr relations. To ask other readers questions about Komarrplease sign up.

Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold – Chapter 1 – Baen Books

A buddy read with Choko and Maria. I wrote a great, long for me review about this book. The lights in the encircling buildings gleaming warmly in the luminous twilight of the half-eclipsed mirror. You can get tested anonymously, she had argued. It was strangely believable and full of depth and realism, greatly surpassing all of his other love interests, and it really brought out the shine in his eyes.


But he said not to worry, they’ll both take pot luck. She rescued the glass. I loved getting to see Kommarr through someone else’s eyes. We desperately want any parts of its control systems we can find. View all 3 comments.

Komarr (novel) | Vorkosigan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Days gone winter-cloudy-except that they were planetwide, and going on and on, until when? This station was the very one that Ekaterin had just traveled to in order hujold meet up with Professora Vorthyswho was to komatr from Vorbarr Sultana.

Miles is crazy about this fascinating widow, but she’s done with men, after ten years with Tien the Twit. This series has stolen my heart. She continued, “They’re right, of course.

Komarr (novel)

Similar stopgap measures in the city’s food-producing greenhouses must be nearly complete, to spare them and this equipment to such an ornamental task. Tien properly followed his senior guest.

Having his son on the planet is a bit challenging for the locals, to put it mildly His clothing was entirely without the pseudo-military ornamentation usually affected by the high Vor, but the perfection of the fit-it had to be hand-tailored, to fit that odd body-hinted a price Ekaterin didn’t dare to estimate.

He and his ImpSec assistants rapidly turned up evidence of a novel engineering device that generated Necklin fields; in order to function, these required the near-presence of a wormhole. Let’s hope that nothing will interrupt me this time: Who was really the senior member bujod the team? Incredibly young for the job, if he’s the one I heard about who was sworn in at Winterfair. Vorthys’ engineering background appeared at first blush to be the most vital asset, but when extra parts, including body, were discovered and retrieved, Miles’ unique talents became a necessity.


Lies within lies, treachery within treachery, Miles is caught in a race against time to stop a plot that could exile him from Barrayar forever. I wish you’d give up this galactic bujol plan. He stepped to the window and stared out over the domed park.

Miles, Mutants and Microbes. Sign In Don’t have an account? As a result, I had to take certain events on faith, since I hadn’t paid any attention to the scientific explanations behind them.

Her limited experience of the breed suggested that if you could get them sufficiently sloshed, it wouldn’t matter what you fed them.

She finished putting away the last of the food, and took the leftover half bottle of wine and a glass out onto the balcony. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Had he switched, then, from resisting sleep through alcohol to pursuing it?

In his new role as Imperial Auditor, Miles Vorkosigan finds himself on Komarra planet where his father has an unfortunate reputation, being blamed for a massacre of government officials who had surrendered to him during the planet’s conquest. However, of all komar those, The Vorkosigan Saga is the one that I have the most tenderness for.

Totally in love with her. No wonder he got this cushy Imperial appointment. They have to investigate what happened on Komarr, a planet which Miles’s father was instrumental in conquering and at the time acquiring the nickname “The Butcher of Komarr” The only thing that made it hard for us, back in the Time of Isolation, was trying to do it with practically no technology. Ekaterin’s loveless marriage is so well described; this author knows how to capture a woman’s interior world so well.

The twist comes during an accident: