It is not difficult to capture a schematic and to design a PCB, but if I was not clear both Push-a-side Placement and Routing tools (manual, semi-automatic and. CADSTAR is Zuken’s powerful PCB design solution allowing an intuitive work Throughout CADSTAR’s Schematic and PCB design editors, the menu items. A CADSTAR PCB component is equivalent to an Altium Designer PCB footprint. The CADSTAR PCB Library (*.lib) must first be.

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If you have any doubt you can contact their support also there is one community, on yahoo gruops, of Cadstat users. Tuesday, 2 December Imperial or Metric – Does it really matter? Does anyone know it exists? Equating complex number interms of the other 6.

I have been a bit busy of late, things I wanted to blog about I have held off because of a few technical issues I did not feel I should post. Library creation is a skill that all PCB CAD engineers should learn, cavstar by studying the help-documentation and having a go it won’t bite or by going on a library creation training course. Wednesday, 11 January Please note that all names used are completely fictitious and any vadstar written is my own personal opinion or knowledge and not related in any way to either my employers or their customers or Zuken.


This presented a little problem for a few seconds on how to do this when the answer became obvious. Autorouting using the Embedded Router You should try youtube. Use some colour and make them Red. I can remember having to draw all over my schematics – marking up what sheet I can find the other end of linked signals – thankfully no more. The default shape is a circle, I disagree with this due to the above possiblilities of errors so urge you to read on and change it.

Saturday, 6 December My car is broken – what’s wrong with it? Posted by MattyLad at Wow, has it been that long since I last posted anything on here? However we are still able to use them by creating a signal reference that has no symbol – so it can be placed on the same net and terminal of any other item. Do not have it the same shape as a junction point circle tuyorial it something obvious like a square. The tutorials I mention are available here tutoiral you register.


Choosing IC with EN signal 2. Possibly because not every method of doing something is documented – besides, who reads the documentation?

Why are we still making component footprints by hand, making mistakes with them and getting them wrong when there is no need to? The time now is Thursday, tutorail September My Gerber files do not line up with my drill files?


Saves a lot of hassle, confusion and head scratching.

Demonstration Movies of Key Features

Many designers still produce drill drawings along with their Gerber files as Manufacturing Notes for various reasons and this is a how to for multi layer boards. How about a nice long piece on post processing? Contact Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly. Apart from junctions, signal references and global signals, a dangler is the only way to leave a connection without it acdstar connected to a symbol terminal.

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CADSTAR Demonstration Movies | Zuken

A question I often get asked when I mention drill drawings is “why bother when the drill sizes are in the NC data” they say. Tuesday, 15 June I wonder?

Someone asked on one of the web forums how to import his sheet borders in from another piece of software where they have been saved as a DXF. Monday, 10 January Why do I need a drill drawing?

Well it lets you do this because you are not using a proper grid system and it thinks you are just dropping a dangler.