Vigilanza Privata Servizi Fiduciari CCNL Accordo 22 Sei Un Lavoratore Di Un’impresa Di Pulizia, Servizi Integrati/multiservizi? Il Fondo ASIM. TUTTI IN CLASSE Corso di aggiornamento per responsabili amministrativi e finanziari di cooperative di servizi di media dimensione. cHAPTER 0 Introduction Hera Group Consolidated Financial Report as .. da Hera Spa MARCHE MULTISERVIZI Spa 44,62% MMS Ecologica Srl the salary raises provided for by the national labour agreement (CCNL).

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The composition of the GDP reveals the definitive revival of private investment, an indispensable condition for strengthening bases for growth. The test of the prototype is scheduled by the end of the year; the prototype consists of a totem equipped with the main technologies and two modules connected to it for waste delivery.

The detected intrusion trigger alarms that are managed by the Milestone software. Overall results The Group, in the first half ofshowed a good degree of overall growth: Adequate liquidity for a worst-case scenario Worst case scenario Download Download printable version of the page. The central coordination of the Department at the Group level continued to focus on a number of cross-cutting issues such as the decontamination of structures containing asbestos, the Presidio Privacy, the completion of the process of organizationally and managerially rearranging emergencies in civilian sites and the selection process to choose a certifying body for the three-year period.

Waste treatment grew by 3. The Group’s brilliant performance in the first half ofthe benchmark with peers and the analysts’ evaluations. Positive results were seen in the integrated water cycle and the waste area as well.

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As of the half-year report, each company of the Aliplast Group is entirely consolidated and contributes to the multiservzii of the Hera Group with effects involving operations and equity backdated to 1 January It focus on the commitments, the results obtained and future perspectives. This summertime distribution was also introduced in the Imola area and revised for the Ravenna area.

As of 30 Junea significant portion of the Group’s net borrowings was covered by loan agreements containing a number of clauses, in line with international practices, that establish some restrictions.

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In the Central Market department, it is worth mentioning: Economic surveys have confirmed that the eurozone enjoys excellent health. The Group has also completed a further integration of its laboratory system, including for the areas currently covered by AcegasApsAmga Spa, thus achieving operational excellence in laboratory analyses in the northeast area.

The new schedule for the nultiservizi of Heratech Srl was defined Laboratory supervisor – Waste sector, Ravenna area.

The spread between BTPs and Bunds is currently decreasing, favoured by political prospects in Cccnl in fact, the reduction of political tension has fuelled the demand for Italian bonds.

Among the more significant works, note in particular: In the Development, Planning and Utilities Market department, the sales structures having to do with the urban and special wastes market from the sphere of Utilities were combined with sales structures operating in the materials recovery market.

Financial results as at 30 June

Hera’s multi-utility activities are strongly integrated within the socio-economic fabric of the areas in which it operates, and at present the company can already provide evidence of a significant amount of Shared value expressed through services, activities intended for the region and industrial projects.

Operation Centre — Municipality Dashboard The above mentioned services are included in a single IT platform called Operation Centre, a dashboard for managing the public administration services, mulriservizi and analysing the local areas and communicate information to citizens.

Quality indicators measuring the confidence of the industry have recorded the fastest growth in the economic activity of the last six years, with all major sectors displaying a 20013 high economic climate. Formazione In the first half ofa total ofhours of training were delivered at the Group level: Innovation and streamlining of operating processes Structure In the first half of the Group consolidated its organizational and operating model, continuing with the streamlining of operational mechanisms and further developing its commitment to technological and process innovation with the aim of securing the tools needed to achieve the Group’s aims.

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These significant operations allowed the Group to further multtiservizi its commercial offer and its own range of plants. The Bank of England also maintained rates unchanged at 0.


This growth in the first half-year is due to a positive contribution coming from all the businesses that make xcnl the area: At the end of the first half, Hera held Exchange risk unrelated to commodity risk The Group adopts a prudential approach towards exposure to currency risk in which all multiservzi positions are netted or hedged using derivative instruments cross-currency swaps.

To keep pace with developments taking place in the environment surrounding the Group, other initiatives have been undertaken.

The improvements in the labor market also provide impetus for growth in the eurozone. Quantitative data thousand of tonnes Jun Jun Abs.

The following are the most significant new items in the Agreement:. As of 30 Junea revision mkltiservizi the organizational model of Herambiente Spa was carried out involving a shift to focus commercial structures on two specific business segments: The following are the most significant new items in the Agreement: Contribution to Group Ebitda: However, President Draghi stated that “a considerable degree of monetary adjustment is still needed to ensure that the dynamics of inflation become long-lasting and self-sustained”.

Notes Download 1 Revenues 2 Other operating revenues 3 Use of raw materials and consumables 4 Service costs 5 Personal costs 6 Other operating costs 7 Capitalized costs 8 Amortisation, deprecation and provisions 9 Share of profits losses pertaining to joint ventures and associated companies 10 Financial income and expense cdnl Income taxes for the period 12 Earning per share 13 Property, plant and equipment 14 Investments properties 15 Goodwill 16 Equity investments 17 Financial assets 18 Deferred tax and liabilities 19 Derivative financial instruments 20 Inventories 21 Trade receivables 22 Current tax assets and liabilities 23 Other current assets 24 Shared capital and reserves 25 Current and non-current financial liabilities 26 Post-employment and other benefits 27 Provisions for risks and charges 28 Trade payables 29 Other current liabilities 30 Comments to the consolidated cash flow statement.