Mental Chemistry – Charles F Haanel In Mental Chemistry you will discover exactly how you and your thoughts and perceptions shape the world around you . MENTAL CHEMISTRY By Charles F. Haanel MENTAL CHEMISTRY Chemistry is the science which treats of the intra-atomic or the intra-molecular changes. Mental Chemistry has 45 ratings and 0 reviews. For every Mental Chemistry: For Every Problem, There Is a Solution. for Every Person, Charles F. Haanel.

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The subconscious mind is the storehouse of past thoughts.

Mental Chemistry eBook by Charles F. Haanel | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

It is the spirit working and expressing itself through the thought of brains more and more highly developed that has gradually brought man from hi former condition of savagery to his present comparative degree of civilization.

If you try again, remember that the brain is the organ of the objective mind, that it is related to the objective world by the cerebro-spinal or voluntary nervous system; that this system of nerves is connected with the objective world by certain mechanism or senses.

If the second wire were attached to the first, it would become charged with as much electricity as it could cany. Man has accomplished the seemingly impossible because he has refused to consider it impossible. When we become conscious of Power, we become a ‘life wire,’ because consciousness we are connected with the Power.

For every success, there is a formula”.

Mental Chemistry

The kind of emotions which we entertain is therefore of great importance; if positive, they are constructive; if negative, they are destructive. Give Paderewski a piano out of tune and he can give you only discord and lack of harmony. Mental chemistry is, therefore, the science which cgemistry of the changes which material conditions undergo through the operations of the chrles, verified by exact observation and correct thinking. Rita Gehman rated it it was amazing Jan 09, menyal Then that which manifests to us objectively is that which we have thought or said.


The body is an aggregate of cells animated by the spiritual magnetic life that tends toward organizing these cells into communities, and these communities into co-ordinated bodies which will operate the entire mass of the body as a conscious entity able to carry itself from one place to the other.

It therefore draws from mineral life and dominates it. Such knowledge is a most valuable asset. The same thought will always be followed by the same consequence, and no other thought will serve the purpose. Light must exist— otherwise there could be no eye.

So we have come to know that appearances exist for us only in our consciousness. Why you are the way you are and methods to change if you charlew desire. In normal conditions the ego holds all these individual cells and groups, as we as system of cells, in harmonious and co-ordinate action.

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Jenny Lind overcame it when she shoed her ability to command enormous financial rewards while at the same time gratifying the passionate desire of her nature and reaching the front rank of her day in musical art. It is strictly the nature of our thinking that determines to which plane we shall respond.

Jane rated it it was amazing Feb 05, This is a very practical age, an age of commercialism, if you please. While a few seers have grasped the great fact that mind is the universal substance, the basis of all things, never before has this vital truth penetrated the more general consciousness.

Constructiveness is the creative instinct of the mind. And that same spirit, working in future ages through brains infinitely superior to any that we can now conceive, will establish real harmony on this planet.


We speak and even think of the sun as “giving light,” yet we know it is simply giving forth energy mentxl produces vibrations in the ether at the rate of four hundred trillion a second, causing what are termed light waves, so that we know that what we call light is simply a mode of motion, and the only light existent, is the sensation caused in the mind by the motion of these waves.

This is due to the fact that heretofore man could never realize how he set certain causes in motion which related him with his various experiences. And yet he must answer also that the spirit is everything.

Its secretions have an important part in the mobilizing of carbohydrates, maintaining blood-pressure, stimulating other glands, and maintaining the tonicity of the sympathetic nerve system.

Both the Cerebro-spinal and the Sympathetic nervous systems are controlled by nervous energy that is alike in kind; and haaneel two systems are so interwoven that their impulses can be sent from one to the other.

Mental Chemistry – Charles F Haanel

Other cells carry with them a structure which is called chromatophore. And yet the electron is the basis for all material existence, so far as we know at present.

Hill, who recently died, leaving an estate of over fifty -two million dollars said: The results cannot be obtained in any other way nor at any less cost of individual sacrifice, so it is necessary to their social existence. An unseen power— another man, another brain, perhaps some little hcemistry with a small body and a big head, who keeps out of sight— is doing the work.