Self-Help for Your Nerves has ratings and 18 reviews. Jonathan said: Claire Weekes is one of the people on that same wavelength. She’s not trying to tell. Was searching for ‘Self-help for your nerves’, recommended by a local pharmacist. I purchased this and another Claire Weekes book (Peace From Nervous. Complete Self Help for Your Nerves has 34 ratings and 4 reviews. Winston said: Helpful, encouraging one to face, accept, float or enter into and allow ti.

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I need to tell myself it’s okay that I’m having those feelings and they aren’t going to hurt me and then once my mood shifts to an accepting mood my body will stop releasing the adrenalin.

Easily the best self-help book I have read on anxiety. Books by Claire Weekes. The prose seems very dated, though her insights are sound. Yes it is an older book and therefore has ykur which is “old-fashioned” and dated.

The repetition is good, the examples are good and the advice is effective. Weekes explains that these differences should be realized and addressed in the care of the person dealing with anxiety.

Trivia About Hope and Help for Again, given the context in-which this book was written, I you why it was there but I honestly didn’t care much for it so I skipped that. Book 26 in Feb 21, Shruthi Mudireddy rated it it was amazing.

The book says those symptoms are all aelf r I was having a ton of anxiety for a week or so, so I bought this book.

The ‘life problems’ discussed are very broad and so you may find that one might be similar to your current situation, a situation you have been in or perhaps even a situation that you are frightened you might end up in in the near or distant future.


My wrekes tremble nerfes sweat. I have no illusions about you. What she delivers is the background to what’s going on during anxiety and the approach which will enable you to move most effectively past it and reduce future As somebody who has suffered on and off with anxiety disorder for 9 years, I am always looking fog build my knowledge to reduce the bewilderment and confusion which the disorder brings. Weekes’ understanding, encouraging voice, to steady my nerves again.

My heart beats too fast. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Nov 09, Jeremy rated it really liked it Shelves: She gives important information about the role of the sympathetic nervous flr in producing symptoms of anxiety. Andrew M rated it really liked it Dec 27, The Best Books of I had a lot of “AH HA! Sandy Frank rated it it was amazing Jan 22, This seems not to be the only thing out of date in this book; she also makes repeated references to something called “brain fag.

This book has really helped with my anxiety, yoyr hard on putting her di I’ve never highlighted a book so much in my life. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

And here audiobooks are really very helpful indeed. Weekes advises us not to fight, but to float.

This book was so helpful in encouraging me to accept the feelings or bodily reactions when they come and pass through them in I am so glad a friend on Instagram recommended this book! But to me it just felt like I had an older trusted, wise adv I cannot say enough amazing things about this book.


I was having a ton of anxiety for a week or so, so I bought this book. Feb 16, Cheesecake rated it really liked it Shelves: I am so glad a friend on Instagram recommended this book! Books by Claire Neres.

Complete Self Help for Your Nerves

Claire Weekes’ book and others like it spelled the decline of psychoanalysis in therapy for people suffering from mental illness. It helped me save my life.

And then I didn’t know what was going on and was scared about what was happening to me and maybe I was going crazy, so my body would release more adrenalin and I’d feel those panicky feelings again and it was a bad cycle. Be patient and don’t get scared if those feelings come back. Even though this book was written in the 60’s, its knowledge still applies.

Mark Foe rated it really liked it Mar 19, For someone new to anxiety, it just made me feel like everything was wrong with me because that’s how the book started. Quotes from Hope and Help for Sep 06, Michelle Darry rated it it was amazing. Jul 13, Maja rated it it was amazing.

Self-Help for Your Nerves : Claire Weekes :

Along with “How Top Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Carnegie, it is one of the best books for coping with and overcoming slef and panic. I have only just finished reading it so I cannot yet claim to be cured.

On the better things, i say!