The inscription preceding Drew Magary’s first novel, The Postmortal (Penguin, August ), is a quote from the band Mastodon. Though. The Postmortal, by Drew Magary, is the first-hand account of what happens when a cure for aging is discovered. The story is told to us by. About a third of the way through The Postmortal, in a chapter executed as a roundup of Internet links, Drew Magary shifts the focus away from.

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The Postmortal

I wish the sheep flu would’ve been expanded on a little bit or left out altogether. There’s also an interesting article from China, where doctors tattoo birthdates onto babies’ arms. And the idea that I’ll be worried forever about them and what they do Paperbackpages. What makes this story ring true is the time that Drew Magary has spent on the little details – for example, the evolution of new ‘religions,’ new types of marriages, how overcrowding in prisons is dealt with when the prison population does not age, the Chinese reaction to the Cure, the loss of resources, and the new types of jobs that evolve in the years following the Cure.

John’s blog posts are our window into his changing place in a world that is slowly but surely tearing itself apart.

I almost have a panic attack when I think about it. For the rest of the book, Magary details exactly why this would be a terrible scenario. Forever, if I chose” Like, he actually thought the word ‘mine’ three times in the span of one secand! When John Farrell finds out about the cure, he knows he has to have it. The Postmortal, by Drew Magary.


The Postmortal by Drew Magary | : Books

And now it has found me. Either way, it’s a great novel. It’s the postmortap of book that, when you’re done with it and even several times during ityou want to have a good shower. Drew Magary is an excellent writer. Read The Postmorta l if you want to find out what happened to the human race in our last violent and absurd few years in New York. Suele ser, en definitiva, una ventaja indudable. Only one other book has ever been able to punch me in the gut with that much force, so I commend Magary for being able to pull it off.

To view it, click here. So this is the reason why I decided to dnf this book. Life could magwry cut short by disease or death from accidents or criminal actions, of course, but, barring that, the recipient would live essentially forever. Martin at some points; whenever the characters get a little taste of happiness, something has to come along and ruin erew lives.

Overall, the story was intresting and had dre cool premise, and the writitng was actually good. Yet there remained, deep in the back of my mind, the tiniest shred of doubt. Is is fascinating, and I also feel it is not cynical. As it is, I found myself often wondering “Who would write about this on their Tumblr blog? Chronicling the life of John Farrell, a blogging late’s fellow who takes the Cure for Aging in making him a year older than methe End Specialist is shown in the form of autobiographical blog posts postmorgal John.

If all else fails, you could potentially make a living selling them a few postkortal from now. I like the premise of the story, and the overarching storytelling technique. Bothersome plot thread aside, The Postmortal is an absolutely amazing book.


The injections needed were administered magqry black market doctors, and the price was high. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. She was nice to everyone. Of course, those were not the only reasons why he just destroyed this book for me, but seriously, that’s all what my mental and emotional capacity could handle.

The conversations between John and John’s dying father are especially painful. Since the dawn of time.

The Postmortal by Drew Magary

For the Drew Magary will even get me to read Deadspin sports? It just feels rather Teflon-y. Dick Award Nominee The book had a really interesting concept – a postmoortal discovered that prevents ageing and the effect this has on the world – but the novelty of that world wore off pretty quickly when I realised that the characters were paper thin with no distinguishing qualities.

The premise is that an American scientist discovered the cure for aging, and the main narrator in the story had the cure.

Apr 23, Miquel Codony rated it really liked it. Mar 05, Anna rated it it was ok Shelves: Books by Drew Magary. For a more hardcore SF audience, it might be irksome.

March 17th – The Postmortal 1 15 Jan 15, More significantly, the treatment of the Cure was inconsistent. His experiences throughout this long period tell of the various events that occurred during his life while the cure was in existence.