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Shaykh ibn Nasir d.

His Zawiya in Fez became the fountainhead of the national awakening which led to the liberation of the entire Maghrib from French colonialism. Faced with the massive military strength of France, its trained and technologically equipped army as well as its air nasrii, the ulama the Muslim Scholars recognised that in military terms there was no chance of victory.

It must be remembered that during this time French planes were indiscriminately bombing and machine-gunning those villages and settlements that resisted the occupation. The French bombing of the Moroccan Muslims was the model which the fascist forces of Germany and Italy were later to use in the bombing of Guernica and, then, across Europe.

It was in this situation that Shaykh ibn Nasir adopted his position of the most powerful resistance to the enemy.

He created a Ddua Supplication which adhered to an uncomprimising Tawhid The oneness of Allahand at the same time that it declared the Muslims’ utter helplessness, it confirmed the absolute, unrelenting and inescapable power of Allah, glory be to Him.


He then embedded this declaration of absolute dependence in the luminous and dazzling confirmation that Allah, glory be to Him, was the Answerer of supplications.

Nasiri Dua: So Powerful, Rulers Would Ban It From Mosques

The Shaykh, being the true voice of the Muslims, called Allah, glory be to Him, to rescue the Muslim people from the tyranny of the French hordes. In the shortest time the Dua swept across the Maghrib until it was being recited in almost every Mosque. The decadent French provincial governors began to sense that a new wind of defiance and hope was lifting the Moroccan people into a pride and defiance they had not seen.

Despite the alcoholism and depravity of the French High Command their intelligence forces nsairi traced this new spirit to the recitation of the Nasiri Dua. In desperation they informed Paris of this new du. An order came from the President of France authorising the French forces to issue an edict banning the public recitation in the Mosques of the Nasiri Dua.

When news of this reached the ulama and Sufis in the Qarawiyyin Mosque in Fez their hearts overflowed in recognition of The Nasiri Dua that conquered the military might of France.

So it was thatfrom that day, an inspired people moved inexorably to independence from the French, and the restoration of a Nassiri kingship. Uda was the position of the Maghribi Muslims in the face of the occupation is now the position of the world’s Muslims in the face of that tiny oligarchy which has swept aside national and international law, while deliberately bringing about the destruction of the planet in their ruthless control through the wealth of commodities, media and the usury finance system.


It is important that the Muslims spread this Dua until its reverberation undermines the foundations of the current tyranny.

It is not, however, a pyramid letter the spreading of which alone will secure success. The value of the Nasiri Dua is that, once understood and recited, the modern Muslim begins to think and plan and act in the clear recognition that the enemy are not strong, that their money is worthless, that their systematisation creates chaos and not order.

By this Dua, we become the ones who can construct the future on the ruins now strewn across the deserts of humanism.

La ghalib illallah, Edited from the text of Shaykh Dr. Your current browser isn’t compatible with SoundCloud.

Dua Nasiri Arabic and Translation : Prayer of the Oppressed

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