The Educated Imagination has ratings and 97 reviews. Mohammad said: مطالعه ی این کتاب من را قانع کرد که تخیل واقعا فرهیخته است! در نهایت پی می بریم ک. FOR THE PAST twenty-five years I have been teaching and studying English literature in a university. As in any other job, certain questions stick in one’s mind, . “What good is the study of literature? Does it help us think more clearly, or feel more sensitively, or live a better life than we could without it?” Written in the.

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It’s today, it’s meit’s us.

Tom Willard’s Study Guide to “The Educated Imagination”

A physicist today knows more physics than Newton did, even if he’s not as great a imaginatiin. I read this book for the first time in high school and I remember being wowed by it, even though I had some trouble completely grasping it.

That is not the feeling of consciousness or awareness, where you feel split off from everything that’s not your perceiving self. In the world of the imagination, anything goes that’s imaginatively possible, but nothing really happens.

The Educated Imagination by Northrop Frye | The Canadian Book Review

I found you by chance, my darling, on one of those voracious raids I make on Chapters when lucky enough to get near a city with one. But people don’t get into planes because they want to fly; they get into planes because they want to get somewhere else faster. I would absolutely recommend this book imaggination any writer or lover of literature.

Then there’s the level of social participation, the working or technological language of teachers and preachers and politicians and advertisers and lawyers and journalists and scientists. Addressed imaignation educators and general readers—the “consumers of literature” from all walks of life—this important new book explores the value and uses of literature in our time.


The final talk is addressed to readers rather than writers, consumers of literature, rather than producers.

I have never read or listened to one that wasn’t enlightening. It made me a better teacher. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts.

I’m disappointed with myself that I don’t.


This tribute cannot be enough, but here is a selection of what I was thinking about you. The Vocation of Eloquence. Social conditions may improve: Table of Contents 1. Next, we use the language of usefulness, verbs, and words of action–professional jargon, specialized. I know it is probably ar I only fre two problems with this brilliantly insightful book.

But you can’t say that ‘weed’ is either an intellectual or an emotional conception, because it’s both at once. You are commenting using your WordPress. Science learns more and more about the world as it goes on: For nine years it’s glared at me and taunted my infidelity.

THE EDUCATED IMAGINATION by Northrop Frye | Kirkus Reviews

We may have dramatists in the future who will write plays as good as King Learthough they’ll be very different ones, but drama as a whole will never get better than King Lear. It’s the process of adapting to the environment, or rather of lmagination the environment in the interests of one species, that goes on among animals and plants as well as human beings. References to this book A Educqted of Parody: The Motive for Metaphor.

Jul 11, Caleb rated it it was amazing. Selected pages Title Page. One enters the ethical dimension, mentioned in the previous chapter, and rises finally to an overview that Frye describes in semi-religious language: Children will find comedy and romance easier to grasp first, and will be better able to deal with tragedy and irony in secondary school.


The first page asks the question which Frye I was impelled to finally finish this book because of its relevance to ideas raised by David Hicks in Norms and Nobility.

Does it edjcated us to think more clearly, or feel more sensitively, or live a better life than jmagination could without it? Freedom hinges on the ability to speak to the need but more importantly, having something of substance to say edufated the courage to speak it when the time is right.

Frye’s first two books, Fearful Symmetry and Anatomy of Criticism set forth the influential literary principles upon which he continued to elaborate in his numerous later works. Frye does not accept the romantic theory that literature is uniquely inspired.

The emotions are unreasonable: Imagination gives us the ability to aim for a political, social, or educational ideal that is not currently happening in front of our immediate senses.

I’ve always had this sense that most of the ‘great’ stories are hopeless ones, and that if I lived a blessed and optimistic life, it seemed less and les likely that I could become a ‘person of literature.