In this study, the process, weld combinations, laser-CMT hybrid welding and on short-circuiting transfer process developed by Fronius of Austria in

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Insofar as applicable provisions may be found to be missing therefrom, the General Terms of Delivery of the Austrian Electrical and Electronic Industries shall apply in a fronkus manner; in all other regards, Austrian laws and regulations shall apply.

Requirement for any warranty is usage according to contract. CMT Twin The most cost-effective ctm to weld. Would you like to stay on this page or do you want to switch to the local website?

Every single defect must be exactly described.

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This results in an extremely stable arc and much less spatter even at high welding speeds. CMT Twin The most cost-effective way to weld. This is without prejudice to any further damages claims.

The warranty period is not prolonged by the exchange of the item or of parts or components belonging to the item. CMT Outstanding results on all materials with an extremely stable arc. The user benefits from the following advantages: This is without prejudice to any further consequences of default in payment.

From the beginning of the 13th month of this period, however, our warranty shall be limited to making available, free of charge, the items needed for remedying the defects; from this time onwards, any warranty claims going beyond the above shall be inadmissible. In the event of availability of a new software version the Ordering Party shall fronisu entitled to exchange the supplied software package for a similar software package of the new version at our listed update price; the exchange implies the software package as a whole, as it was acquired by the Ordering Party.


CMT Advanced – high deposition rate and stability

A dissemination to externals in excess thereof shall not occur excluded are legal or judicial obligations to provide information. Retention of title; rescission 7. CMT Twin For extremely high welding speeds with the best possible quality and minimal spattering.

The country currently selected is Fronius International. General terms and conditions 1.

Excepted here from are previously installed software and third-party software products. We think you are located in a different country The country currently selected is Fronius International.

CMT Advanced also brings further advantages, including targeted heat input, a higher deposition rate with no increase in heat input and minimal distortion. CMT Outstanding results on all materials with an extremely stable arc.

They are ex-works prices EXWexclusive of packaging, insurance, loading at the factory and value-added tax; the packaging will not be taken back. Damages and product liability 9. The wire motion is incorporated into the process. Documents pertaining to our offers — such as drawings, illustrations, samples and patterns, and dimensional, weight, performance and consumption data — contain or themselves constitute only approximate data and are not deemed to be specially agreed characteristics unless otherwise provided.

Furthermore, the CMT welding process is also suited to the virtually spatter-free brazing of hot-galvanised and electrolytically galvanised sheets with a welding wire made from a copper-silicon alloy.


The arc length is detected and adjusted mechanically.

Froius car manufacturer fronis excellent results using robot-assisted brazing — the brazed seams are particularly flat and clean. In such an event the Ordering Party shall froniis and completely destroy all copies, partial copies and backup copies as well as altered or revised versions of the software and the copies, partial copies and backup copies made thereof. In order to carefully examine possible occurring defects the Ordering Party shall be obliged to support us in the rectification of any defects.

The relationship between the positive and negative process cycles is freely selectable. Any damages claims going beyond the above shall be inadmissible, as shall claims for damages in consequence of delays on the part of our suppliers, unless gross negligence is proven on our part.

We think you are located in a different country The country currently selected is Fronius International. It can be used for a wide variety of different applications, including welding light and medium-gauge sheets ffonius 0.

Acceptance of the order; supplementary agreements Acceptance of an order, and any undertakings or supplementary agreements made by our employees, as well as amendments and alterations of any kind, shall not be binding upon us until we have issued written confirmation by letter, telefax or e-mail.