Cantus Circaeus: The Incantations of Circe. First English Translation. There can be no doubt as to the importance Giordano Bruno’s life and writings had on the. Cantus Circaeus by Giordano Bruno. Giordano Bruno ( – ). Ouroboros Press pages, woodcut illustrations. Duodecimo. Cantus Circaeus has 13 ratings and 2 reviews. Cantus Circaeus: The Incantations Of Circe Together With The Judiciary Being The Art Of Giordano Bruno.

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I perceive a great variety of things there, and many explicit meanings even on the outer shell of words. Black cloth with gilt title and printed dust jacket. Just as in actual writing or painting, the limbs, guided by the bodily eyes, need two things, namely a conceptual scheme of the circaues and shape of the images and characters that are to be represented, as well as the theme and foundation, or background, against which the same images and characters can be placed and are able to stay and remain there, so in internal writing and painting, guided by the giorxano eye, likewise two elements are necessary.

Giordano Bruno: Cantus Circaeus (‘The Incantation of Circe’)

If Astraea did seek the sky—and indeed, the earth reveals not a trace of her any more— why does she then not make herself seen from the sky?

Your description of the physical book encourages me to buy it, but your confirmation of its accuracy wins me over. Still, do explain to me, lady Circe, the diverse genera of fireflies: For too frequent repetition and assigning of the same images disturbs cantuz confuses memory.


Both kinds are useful, even necessary, for the practice of our craft. Ronald Clarke marked it as to-read Dec 01, The following is also relevant regarding the number of backgrounds. Amazing to behold, Circe, amazing indeed! Non obstante quod simius giorvano pulcher.

For a great effect is already preexisting in a small seed and a small beginning, and likewise a small error in the beginning turns turns out to be a ciraeus error in the end. Unbind also halcyons, swallows, quails, ravens, crows, she-goatscicadas, scarabs, and other flying things of your kind.

Giordano Bruno’s Cantus Circaeus

Porro praxis illarum, vna cum praxi subiectorum semimathematicorum currere potest. Volunt vt caueatur tanquam ab igne a pluralitate similium locorum, sed in omni electione commendetur varietas.

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Vnde eorum tantummodo meminimus, quorum impulsu cogitatio sollicitata fuerat dico cogitationem vniuersaliter dictam in genere ratiocinantum: Illae enim sensum non excitant: Neither should it be interpreted through Peripatetic metaphysics, where it stands for essence; Nec secundum rationem physicam, vt pote pro forma substantiali vel accidentali informante materiam vel subiectum.

Ipsam aspicere potuisses cum homo ingenti corpore onustus atque mole, minimum habens iudicij praesentabatur. The procedure is just as when bags are used to filter wine; except these creatures, after pouring out the wine, keep the lees.

Nec secundum intentionem technicam vtpote artificialem additam rebus physicis actu existentibus quas supponit. Dico in proposito vt giordno ingrediatur memoriam, nisi per atrium cogitatiuae: Eagle and night hawk lie hidden beneath the kind of princes who fight one another only to be defeated by an intruding third party.


Those creatures you saw are called camelo-leopards, because giordabo shepherds of the memory of the written word were by way of ritual worshipers of gods, by speech butchers, by their mode of life filthy with all sorts of vices. You, by whose action the connective network of the universe flourishes, who draw the inscrutable forces of things—from which derive the numerous and varied virtues of herbs and other plants, as well as stones, with the power of drawing to themselves the force of the world-soul through stellar rays—from archetypal ideas, through the order of the world-soul, all the way down to our level and below.

Sic apponimus equum ad equitatem memorandam, vitim ad vitam. When they imitate humans, they hold whatever is most vile as most sweet, and make sure to select the very worst from among the best.

Hoc testudinum genus Indicum gioedano. Lo, I am now raised up toward you, old Saturn.

Cantus Circaeus: The Incantations Of Circe Together With The Judiciary Being The Art Of Memory

Idque ipsum praestet in duobus. Vnde dimitte inquiunt plura inter columnia similia, similes fenestras, dimitte vacua spatia. Ernesto rated it it was ok Jun 06,