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Spolverizza le pagine con una sottile ironia, come non identificarsi nel protagonista del racconto Avventura di un falvino quando, nel suo eccessivo parossismo di lettore, sulla spiaggia finalmente bacia la giovane donna che lo ha concupito quasi suo malgrado e, nel frattempo, furtivamente allunga il braccio e si premura di sistemare il segnalibro tra le pagine calvkno non perdere il segno?? Trivia About Difficult Loves. The social commentary is in plain view now, Calvino using laughter and a baroque exuberance to underline the contrast between dreams and reality.

An immensely gifted writer, Calvino displayed his genius in this collection by plucking the ignored or trivial fragments of moments we experience at one point or another in our lives and weaved them together to present these gems of short stories.

Even though Calvino had just experienced the war, it seemed to be important that he document childhood first, almost as if the war hadn’t occurred.

The reader experiences right from the start the beauty and the subversive nature of Calvino’s art – the laughter, the wildness, the deft translation from the factual to the metaphorical narration. His interest in action survived, however, in his pleasure in reading; his passion was always the narration of events, the stories, the tangle of human situations — nineteenth-century novels especially, but also memoirs and biographies, and so on down to thrillers and science fiction, which he didn’t disdain but which gave him less satisfaction because they were short.

I guess these stories were written at a later period than the first three collections, because they show Calvino in top form, mixing real urban poetry with diffiicli signature exuberance of imagination and his barbed satire of the more foolish habits of his compatriots. It included a remarkable Preface–with no signature.

Difficult Loves

The partisans realize that he is still alive, and begin to drop grenades down the cave. And it is metaphysical, intertwining with our own existence, characters and plotlines merging from the page to the street, the office, the bedroom. But he has recently got a pair of glasses – if he does not wear the glasses everyone recognises him and wave to him – but they are little more than blurs, when he puts the glasses on no one recognises him at all.


These characters are almost inept in their romantic attachment to the love of [being in] love and almost neurotic in their detachment from the reality of reality.

There are stories of War and what happens after War.

They discover that the shop is a pastry shop and are totally distracted by the odors and, ultimately, the taste of the goods — to the point that they forgot their original intent and become vulverable to detection and capture by the police.

Talking Heads – “Life During Wartime” https: A German soldier tries to take one animal after another from the Animal Woods.

I found some of the wartime short stories slightly atypical of Calvino, a little too complimentary towards the style of Hemingway, but I guess the nature of the subject determines the tonality and the seriousness of the prose.

I well remember my beginnings in the art with a basic full manual Russian camera and the smells of chemicals in the bathroom as I patiently waited for an image to be revealed on the blank piece of paper: And at least for Calvino, an Agronomist, that is where the seeds of his literary abilities germinated. He took it to the beach. I have tried to remove weight, sometimes from people, sometimes from heavenly bodies, sometimes from cities; above all I have tried to remove weight from the structure of stories and from language.

And like any work by Calvino there is always the knife twist waiting when you least expect it. Collection of several short stories. I have him in the sights of a rifle, and I am a very bad shot. Although full of highlights, The adventure of the poet is a masterclass, where he expertly draws a contrast between the gritty, palpable details of ugliness, with the dreamlike, transitory and elusive expressions of beauty.

To this difficulty for it is not just the loves that are difficult the Italian edition added another one. To view it, click here. Ma forse il vero rovescio era questo, illuminato e pieno di occhi aperti, mentre invece l’unico lato che contasse in ogni cosa era quello in ombra [ How will this end?


From ‘Adventures of a Reader’: The consequences of war really only became apparent when the boys were old enough to play a role, even one as responsible as shooting the real enemy with guns that once would have been used to kill that evening’s meal.

He talks in third person of the influences that shaped his writing and his career. Behind mine one would be able to read the lines of the supreme Favolatore.

Difficult Loves by Italo Calvino

It is only when they have the photos before their eyes that they seem to take tangible posession of the day they spent, only then that the mountain stream, the movement of a child with his pail, the glint of the sun on the wife’s legs take on an irrevocability of what has been and can no longer be doubted. View all 5 comments. Notevolissimi i due racconti della seconda parte, intitolata “La vita difficile”: Enchanted Gardens, playing with toads, that sort of thing.

The journey begins aptly with a diffocili boy named Libereso, a simple gardener apprentice, who entices a kitchen maid called Maria-Nunziata into the secrets of his garden, gifting her with all the hidden wonders of the world.

View all 10 comments.

Animal Woods is my favorite episode here, and it showcases the inventivity, the bombastic, anarchist, often illegal response to authority figures of the Italian peasantry. The social commentary calgino fades completely into the background, but the mood is definitely more jocular and all the girls have an ironic, diffjcili glint in their eyes as they watch the mating dances of the male of the species.

It so happened that Enrico Gnei, a clerk, spent a night with a beautiful lady. Calculo que con una relectura puedo llegar a ponerle 5 estrellas. Such is a day at the beach in The Adventure of a Reader.

We must photograph it! Sometimes the line wound down past the corners of the stairs: People will forget what you said People will forget what you did But people will never forget how itxlo made them feel.