LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – Jul 26, ) – The Gaming Standards Association (GSA) recently released 11 new mature standards, among. GSA Protocol Director Ethan Tower said, “S2S continues to evolve. New functionality is being added and existing functionality is being updated. Security Policies and Standards for GSA S2S and G2S Systems While your company may be primarily focused on getting GSA S2S, G2S and.

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If you wish bsa download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Our Semantic Gist engine uses advanced cognitive semantic analysis to extract the meaning of data.

S2S v Certification Requirements – Release 2

Once the Functional Groups have been selected, to indicate the role for which the implementation is to be certified, check the appropriate box for the Functional Group — for example, check s2 Consumer or the Provider box.

Registration Forgot your password? This reduces the chances of missing valuable information, that may result from traditional keyword searching.

This guide provides a more detailed description of the syntax that is supported along with examples. To indicate that an implementation is to be certified for an optional data set, check the box gsx to the optional Data Set. For a concept search, you can enter phrases, sentences, or full paragraphs in English. World Consumption of Methyl Bromide. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. It is strongly recommended that implementers of the S2S Message Protocol review the Technical Bulletins on a regular basis for corrections and gsq that may affect their implementations.


Making your system connections better! All trademarks used within this document are the property of their respective s2w. Operational and jurisdictional requirements will determine which Functional Groups and Optional Data Sets must be certified.


Additional information about the specific roles within a class can be found in the detailed description of the class in the GSA S2S Message Protocol specification.

This document may be copied in part or in full provided that ALL copies retain the copyright and any other proprietary notices contained on the materials. Published by Philippa Ruby Flowers Modified over 3 years ago. This search box also supports the look-up of an IP. Analytics across the Player Ecosystem. Remote Configuration What is the difference?

The schemas define the syntax for the S2S protocol and can be used to validate S2S messages. Browse Prior Art Database. Slide 2 Being a Smart Consumer When moving to a server-based or network gaming floor: About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. NO material may be modified, edited or taken out of context such that its use creates a false or misleading statement or impression as to the positions, statements or actions of GSA.

Concept search eliminates the need for complex Boolean syntax to inform retrieval. However, to maintain backwards compatibility, implementations MAY include deprecated functionality.

Social Trading opens the markets to everyone. Information contained in the Technical Bulletins may have a direct impact on the requirements of the S2S Message Protocol v1. We will be closed December th and January 1st. Slide 2 Moving to a networked gaming floor? This document defines additional requirements, business logic, and semantics that are required to be compliant with the S2S protocol.

GSA’s S2S Protocol Things to think about Changing a system related device is a major architecture project —Does my current vendor support the new system —How long will it take to get a new interface built? Subseasonal to Ss2s Prediction S2S. A list of s2w transports may be found on the GSA website at www.


This text was extracted from a PDF file. The download class was added to the v1.


Deprecated Functionality Functionality within released versions of the S2S Message Protocol specification, its extensions, and its errata may be identified as deprecated. Keyword Search – What can I type? Contact GSA for further information.

From time-to-time, as new versions and errata are released, this list may be updated and a new version of these Certification Requirements may be released. Be informed Strive for a future-proof solution Gsw is just a primer Focus. Auth with social network: Integration of Applications MIS We think you have liked this presentation. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The detailed requirements, which follow the checklist, identify the specific System Service groups, or commands, within those classes that are associated with each functional group.

S2S v1.6 Certification Requirements – Release 2

Dismiss Happy Holidays from IP. I About This Document For System Service groups, the specific commands, or data sets, associated with each System Service group are included in the detailed class descriptions within the S2S protocol specification. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

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