Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Doron Feinstein has been working as a graphics programmer over the past decade in various industries. Since he. Example files for the title: HLSL Development Cookbook, by Doron Feinstein. HLSL Development Cookbook, by Doron Feinstein. The following. HLSL Development Cookbook Review; Author: Simon Jackson; Updated: 19 Sep ; Section: Book Reviews; Chapter: General Reading;.

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Fri 09 Aug Below you can find my review.

HLSL Development Cookbook. (eBook, ) []

Packt has proposed to offer 3 digital copies of the book. Keep reading to find out how you clokbook win a copy. The book has pages. It uses new features of this API, e. It presents hlso professional approach and does not over-simply anything for educational purposes for example, the author uses linear space for color computations, explains HDR rendering and passes reciprocal value as constant where appropriate as multiplication is faster than division.

examples / HLSL Development Cookbook ยท GitLab

The book assumes that reader already knows DirectX API and is able to code a framework that loads meshes, textures, constant buffers and all the stuff and pass it to GPU rendering. So this is definitely not a book for complete beginners who want to learn game programming from scratch.


It does not even give complete shaders to just copy-paste into your engine, but fragments functions that are interesting in some technique. Which I think is good, devflopment where per-pixel parameters of your material come from like albedo color, normal vector, specular intensity and exponent – whether from texture, a constant or some computations – is up to you and the book focuses on what to do with it without boring, multipage code listings.

That’s not a “gems”-style book with every chapter being a separate article written by different author.

Book Review: HLSL Development Cookbook

But each chapter is a complete “recipe” for a rendering technique, whether an implementation of particular type of light or some other xookbook effect. Each one of them is divided into sections:.

As you can see, described topics are not some sophisticated and specialized effects like rendering foam on an ocean coast or crowd on a stadium, but fundamental techniques needed by every engine. Just as the book says: Now here is how you can have a chance to win eBook copy of this book: All you need to do is head on over to the book pagelook through the product description of the book and then drop a line via the comments below this post to deveolpment us know what interests you the most about this book.


The contest will close in 1 weeks time. Winners will be contacted by email before the end of this monthdevelopmsnt be sure to use your real email address when you comment.

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