View and Download Honda VFRF owner’s manual online. Honda VFRF Motorcycle Owner’s Manual. VFRF Motorcycle pdf manual. procedures or tools, whether or not recommended by Honda /Tust satisfy himself VFRF. Throughout the manual, the following abbrevia- tions are used to. Save this Book to Read free download service manual honda vfr rc36 PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get free download service manual.

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Remove the oil filter 3 with a filter wrench and let the remaining oil drain out. Page 47 Do not install a tube inside a tubeless tire on this motorcycle. Replacing any manusl parts of the vehicle, or parts of the exhaust or intake system, with parts other than those specified by the manufacturer. TIRES To safely operate your motorcycle, your tires must be the proper type and size, in good condition with adequate tread, and correctly inflated for the load you are carrying.

Leather gloves to keep your hands warm and help prevent blisters, cuts, burns and bruises. Tighten the rear grab rail mounting bolts rrc36 securely. Page 49 This switch is intended primarily as a safety or emergency switch and should normally remain in the RUN position.

Page 37 Inspection The reserve tank is behind the right middle fairing.

Manual Haynes for 1990 Honda VFR 750 FL (rc36)

The address is P. Make sure there are no oil leaks. Water that is high in mineral content or salt may be harmful to the aluminum engine.

This switch is intended primarily as a safety or emergency switch and should normally remain in the RUN position. Remove the middle fairing page To reduce the possibility of a fire or explosion, be careful when working around gasoline or batteries.


They may contain harsh detergents or chemical solvents that could damage the metal, paint, and plastic on your motorcycle. Page 13 Loading How much weight you put on your motorcycle, and how you load it, are important to your safety.

Manual Haynes for Honda VFR FL (rc36) | eBay

When changing gears under normal conditions, use these recommended shift points: The spring preload adjuster 1 has 36 positions for different load or riding conditions. Page 90 With the plug washer attached, thread the spark plug in manhal hand to prevent cross threading. Each item on the maintenance schedule requires some mechanical knowledge. If either pad is worn to the cutout, replace both pads as a set.

Turn the adjuster counterclockwise approximately 1 turn so that its punch mark 2 aligns with manuql reference punch mark 3. Vfg and Modifications Modifying your motorcycle or using non- Honda accessories can make your motorcycle unsafe. Read pages 28 – 29 and do not ride the motorcycle until the problem has been corrected. If a torque wrench is not used for this installation, see your authorized Honda dealer as soon as possible to verify proper assembly.

Remove the mounting bolts 3 and cowl plugs 4. Turn the adjuster counterclockwise toward SOFT for a light load and smooth road condition. Page 72 This sounds simple but people do hpnda. Rear Brake Check the cutout 2 in each pad. Page 6 Your safety, and the safety of others, is very important. Digital clock The digital clock displays the time.

Honda VFR750F 1995 Owner’s Manual

Control of hydrocarbons is very important because under certain conditions, they react to form photochemical smog when subjected to sunlight. Please read these messages carefully.

The drive chain should manusl checked, adjusted and lubricated as part of the Pre-ride Inspection page The clearance should be at least 0. Open the throttle fully and crank the engine for 5 seconds. Wheel slip will reduce control of the motorcycle. Do not exceed 7, rpm. Test the brakes before riding the motorcycle.


Page 68 The battery will not be charged while the engine speed is near idle speed. Use only tubeless tires on this motorcycle.

Rc36 workshop manual download – VFR Info – VFRDiscussion

If your problem still has not been resolved to your satisfaction, contact the Motorcycle Customer Service department of American Honda Motor Co. With the motorcycle in an upright position, check the fluid level. Bright-colored and reflective clothing can help make you more noticeable in traffic.

OFF, turn the handlebar all the way vf the left and remove the key. Page 69 When possible, reduce speed or brake before entering a turn; closing the throttle or braking in mid-turn may cause wheel slip. Page Rear Brake Check the cutout 2 in each pad. Page 39 Your engine is designed to use any gasoline that has a pump octane number of 86 or higher.

Store it in an area protected from freezing temperatures and direct sunlight. Page 97 Wear inspection Check the chain wear label when adjusting the chain.

Oxygenated Fuels Some conventional gasoline’s are being blended with alcohol or an ether compound. SEAT To remove the seat 1insert the ignition key 2 into the helmet holder 3turn it clockwise and pull the seat lock lever 4 downward. Upon reaching an odometer reading of 1, miles 1, kmyou can subject the motorcycle to full throttle operation. If the clearance is not 0.