Rules. Compiled from the original ​ HorrorClix Complete Rules​, the. Nightmares​ Rules Insert, the final ​ Errata & Clarifications document​ from May Check the full game rules pdf here: documents/ The game keeps getting better and better. Well we have seen a bit of hype on here about Horroclix, and there is a ton more out there on the web. So how does the new game sound?.

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After playing and resolving the text of a plot twist card, remove it from the game. A hovering monster floats near the ground. If the attack succeeds, and the soaring monster takes horrorclis least 1 damage from the attack, the attack also deals 1 additional unpreventable damage. When a plot twist card is played and its effect resolves, it is removed from the game. Two monsters may have wildly different combat values and powers based on their ranks.

After the first player chooses the map, the player to his or her left chooses the edge of the map rulrs which he or she will set up his or her army. Giant monsters ignore hindering terrain, outdoor blocking terrain and standard monsters for movement purposes, though they must still end their movement on an unoccupied space and must roll rulew break away when applicable. The first player chooses the map where the battle will occur.


Demo monsters designed for demonstration purposes only have purple experience rings, and horrorrclix not be used in regular play. Indoor maps depict battlefields located entirely inside a building or structure.

A monster horrorclox “jump off” elevated terrain to a lower elevation unless it has a power or ability allowing it to do so. Minions belong to the class in their name. See It’s Wicked Fun’s glossary or the Glossary page in progress Adjacent spaces are spaces that touch each other on the map, including spaces on the diagonal. Victims used to create minions, as well as victims slain or rescued by minions, are placed on the cards which allow those minions to be created.


Note that this only applies to monsters with the exact same collector’s number. All players who included a subplot card in their crypts reveal those cards simultaneously and place them face up on the table.

Swimming monsters use all the standard rules for monsters, except that they treat water terrain as clear terrain for movement purposes. The victim is slain and placed on the monster card of the monster that slayed it. A monster can use its full range value against each target. All types of terrain are indicated by boundary lines drawn on the map:.

HorrorClix Rules Posted –

Whoever scores the most victory points wins the game. After the game, all players retrieve their monsters, victims, horrlrclix, objects, and so on.


Vampireswerewolveszombiesand demons are available in the game’s first release, as well as a number of vigilantes who fight for the side of good including a vampire hunter, ghost finders, priests and military men.

A dependant power is in effect only for the duration of urles action that activated it.

Characters occupying these two squares can make close combat attacks against eachother as though they were adjacent. Some targets with low defense values might be affected, while others with high defense values might not be affected.

Retrieved from ” http: Prior to the Nightmares expansion, Unique monsters have silver experience rings, and Limited Edition monsters have bronze experience rings. The two-sided map included in the Starter Game gives you two choices: To show that a monster is soaring, move the flight indicator on its flight stand to its highest position.

Hindering terrain and blocking terrain affect line of fire to a giant monster as normal.

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If a victim is slain while adjacent to a Tree of the Damned, the active player gets one extra action to use that turn. All giant monsters have the following power:.

Friendly monsters are monsters controlled by you.