Using mod_expires, you can tell visiting browsers to hold on to certain files longer (likes images, which are rarely changed). ss. It should be added to the top of ss file. ## EXPIRES CACHING ## mod_expires.c> ExpiresActive On ExpiresByType. htaccess mod_expires / mod_cache / mod_deflate / mod_headers ss.

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This note is recommended as you may have several different sets of these as your caching solution grows. Expiresbytypf allows the viewer to see the webpage faster since the file is “cached” and they don’t have to load a new copy of it.

Additional information,In my case proxy server is serving the file from the cache Reply. Is the code htaccdss to adding expire dates to the headers?

So, change the code above to:.

How to Add mod_expires to your .htaccess | InMotion Hosting

So, unfortunately, you won’t be able to affect those files with the expiry header. If you really want to get them off of gtmetrix report, then remove the dependencies from your website. Hello PaulAlford, Thank you for your question. I was busy with prouction issues and was not able to respond you at the earliest.


Enabling the expire module also wont work htacvess the expire time set by the Heuristic expiration policies expires. When viewing your headers, everything looks fine to me and I’m not seeing any dates in the past.

My concern is Expires: Joseph 4 22 This streamlines the htaccess code. Post as a guest Name. Hello Rasheed, Sorry to hear that you’re still having problems with the caching.

Once I have the code structure, I can enter it very easily. Add Expires headersThere are 4 static components without a far-future expiration date. As you suggested i enabled the below in httpd. That worked for me as well.

3 Simple .htaccess Rules For Better Website Performace

You do not want to set your expire times for your cache to unrealistic settings. Any ideas why that would be? While testing, I noticed the jpg files that are published on NAS are being cached properly, example: I am telling you here what exactly happening. If no expire module enabled then again a new expire date is set by the Heuristic expiration policies. If you want to change that and say you want your jpg images cached for a month you would simply replace “1 year” with expiresbtyype month”.

Hello JF, Thank you for contacting us. When visiting a website, the website will cache in your browser. Browser caching stores webpage resource files on a local computer when a user visits a webpage. What is the exact issue and suggestion GTMetrix is giving you an “F” for?


Anything else is just wishful thinking. You can’t set expire times for external URLs. Hello, I note two things about the recommended htaccess lines. No script or program we are using.

Is the guide complete?

I need your inputs on below:. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy haccess and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. To check whether or not rules were activated on expiresbytyoe host, you can use Firebug addon for Firefox.

For more info read this great tutorial: We’re not sure why they mark those particular items with any large concern for the purpose of the site opimization.

Sign up using Facebook. Unfortunately, I was unable to replicate the issue you are seeing at all.