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The phase unbalance is detected by the voltage on the ISEN pin.

This is due to the R 3 modulator commanding variable switching frequency during load transients. This is due to the R 3 modulator commanding variable switching. If the system is not compensated correctly, the output voltage could sag excessively upon load application and potentially create a system failure. In general, the switching frequency will be very close to the set value at high input voltage and heavy load conditions.

The output voltage could also take a long period of time to settle to its final value. Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning is a smart voltage regulation technology, which effectively reduces power dissipation in Intel Pentium processors.

This total current is typically ? Excellent Dynamic Current Balance between Channels? Rdrp 1 80 mV EQ. Intersil’s R3 intrinsically has voltage-feed-forward.

Multiphase Core Regulator For IMVP-6 Mobile CPUs

As load is further reduced, channel switching frequency will drop, providing optimized efficiency at light loading. Capacitance on this pin would create instabilities and should be avoided. If the output voltage is less than the VID set value by mV or more, a fault eatasheet latch after 1ms in that condition. Unless otherwise specified, tolerance: PMON An analog output.


(PDF) ISL6260 Datasheet download

FB This pin is the inverting input of error amplifier. There are provisions to correct the current imbalance due to layout or to purposely divert current to certain phase dataheet better thermal management. Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning is a isl620 voltage regulation.

The total current going from NTC pin is 60? Once we know the attenuation of the RS and RN network, we can then determine the Droop amplifier Gain required to achieve the load line.

Rtrace is the trace resistance from the inductor to the microprocessor on the phase that needs to be tweaked. Therefore, proper NTC thermistor has to be chosen such that 2. Figure 40 shows the simplified schematic of this approach. VSS Signal ground; Connect to local controller ground. Power Monitor The power monitor signal is an analog output. The modulator at the heart of this power system is derived from Intersil’s Robust Ripple Regulator technology, R 3 Compared with the traditional multiphase buck regulator, the R 3 technology multiphase converter has faster transient response.

ISL datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Multiphase Core Regulator For IMVP-6 Mobile CPUs

A on NTC pin, the voltage is only At heavy load conditions, the ISL is switching at a relatively constant switching frequency similar to fixed frequency PWM controller. There is a 6? At low temperature, SW1 is on and SW2 connects to the 1. The second level of overvoltage protection behaves differently. Datashewt uses RC filter to sense the average voltage on phase node and forces the average voltage on the phase node to be equal for current balance. It is better to have the datashee value a little bigger to cover the tolerance of the inductor to prevent the output voltage from going lower than the spec.


Another simplification was done by reducing the NTC network comprised of Rntc, Rseries and Rparallel, given in Figure 46, to a single resistor given as Rn as shown in Figure For DCR sensing, the process of compensation for DCR resistance variation to achieve the desired load line droop has several steps and is somewhat iterative. This ratio provides for a fairly reasonable amount of light load signal from which to arrive at droop.

The ISLC feature a thermal monitor which senses the voltage change across an externally placed negative temperature coefficient NTC thermistor, see Figure Superior Noise Immunity and Transient Response? This voltage is given by Equation A with a minimum of ?

Users should use the ISLC evaluation board component values and follow the evaluation board layout of NTC as much as possible to minimize engineering time.

The configuration of the pin 1 identifier is optional, but must be located within the zone indicated. When these inputs are returned to their high operating levels, a soft-start will occur.