Product Identification ===================== Product ID:ISOPREP (R), MSDS Date/29/ FSC NIIN MSDS Number: BTSHT. ISOPREP ISSUE DATE TRADE NAME. ISOPREP . Under Section , submittal of MSDS or a list of product names to the local. Easy to Use MSDS Database. Over MSDS , MK MOD 0 RF SEDUCTION, (SUPDAT) explosive ients bullseye propell .. ISOPREP ,

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The mercapto-substituted silane of this invention is preferably a multifunctional mercapto-substituted organic silane of the following chemical formula: A method according to claim 2 wherein the metal is selected from the group consisting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Aluminum alloys, in particular, can be susceptible to corrosion since the alloying elements used to improve the metal’s mechanical properties may decrease corrosion resistance. The inventors have found that using an aqueous solution of the foregoing solvents and the mercapto-substituted silane, the treatment solution will naturally make up at a pH of about 4.

A method according to claim 1 wherein the metal is subjected to a process selected from the group consisting of cleaning, deoxidizing, etching and a combination of the foregoing, prior to contacting the metal with the treatment solution. These adhesion procedures usually include a cross-hatch tape test whereby the organic coating is cut in a specified cross-cut pattern and tape is applied and removed to determine the quantity, if any, of the organic coating that is removed.

It is believed that this instability may also arise from the polymerization of the silane molecules in the solution to form 2 or 3 member chains. This potential instability can be controlled by increasing the concentration of solvent in the treatment solution before, or at the first sign of cloudiness.


Most preferred as a solubilization matrix for the mercapto-substituted silanes is a combination of water and ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. Preferably, the msdds surfaces are cleaned and etched prior to treatment with the process of this invention.

Please contact them for this product. The treatment composition is preferably applied at room temperature and preferably has a pH between 3 and 5.

Do you know anything about them? Many metals are susceptible to corrosion. Prior preparation of the metal surface generally increases the activity of that surface towards subsequent treatments, in msvs case, towards the mercapto-substituted silane treatment.

After curing, the treatment with the mercapto-substituted silane may be repeated and baked ieoprep, as desired. Aluminum and aluminum alloys can be effectively etched using strongly acidic or strongly basic solutions. Similar specifications, such as ASTM D, have been prepared to test the adhesion of organic coatings isoprpe treated metal surfaces.

Preferably, the mercapto-substituted silane is added to the solvent e. Metallic coated steel having a siloxane film providing temporary corrosion protection and method therefor. We have since purchased a similar product from Oakite, that we we able to add directly to our old DW bath.

Prior art techniques for improving corrosion resistance of metals widely employ the use of chromate conversation coatings to passivate the surface.

I believe it is a cleaner. A method according to claim 1 wherein the metal is selected from the group consisting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. The aqueous solution of jsoprep mercapto-substituted silane will hydrolyze the silane and will improve its effectiveness in treating the metal surfaces. The pH of the treatment solution should be less than 7 and is preferably between about 3 and 5.

The process of this invention has been found to increase the corrosion resistance of metals generally, not including zinc and zinc plated surfaces, but is particularly effective on aluminum and aluminum alloys.


TDS – MSDS :: MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions

Beccaria et al, Corros. I did some searching for you. Phosphate conversion coatings are also used, but generally provide substantially less corrosion protection unless used in conjunction with a chromate. As a result, prior preparation of the surface will generally yield better corrosion resistance results after treatment with the process of this invention.

Organosilicon metal surface treating agent taking oxygen-containing bis-silane as major film forming agent. The inventors have found that treating aluminum or aluminum alloys with the mercapto-substituted silane containing composition of this mmsds provides both increased corrosion resistance and enhanced adhesion of subsequent organic coatings to the treated surface.


I am looking for information on the following chemicals, what are they used for, who mfg’s or sells them, what are their dangers: As the silane becomes hydrolyzed by the water it will have a tendency to precipitate and the solution will begin to take on a white cloudy appearance.

CA CAC en The treatment composition is applied directly to the metal surface, preferably without any intervening treatment other than cleaning, deoxidizing or etching, by spray, flood or other means of direct contact. The concentration of mercapto-substituted silane in the treatment solution may be from 0.

A particularly preferred mercapto-substituted silane is gamma-mercaptopropyltrimethoxy silane which has the following structure: US USB1 en Method of treating metals using vinyl silanes and multi-silyl-functional silanes in admixture.