Correlations between in vitro and in vivo data (IVIVC) are often used during pharmaceutical development in order to reduce development time and optimize the. This presentation gives a bird’s eye view on Dissolution in context with IVIVC. It discusses various levels of Correlations currently in practice. Invitro Invivo study & their correlation shortens the drug development period, economizes the resources and leads to improved product quality. Increased activity.

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Finally, with 5predicted plasma concentrations were calculated for all batches. Absorption [permeability] is rate determining and limited or no IVIV correlation with dissolution rate. These studies for the development of IVIVC should be performed in young healthy male adult volunteers under some restrictive conditions such as fasting, non-smoking, and no intake of other medications.

The objective of IVIVC evaluation is to estimate the magnitude of the error in predicting the in vivo bioavailability results from in vitro dissolution data. The incorporation of time-scaling in the PDx-IVIVC equation allows this parameter to be estimated directly from the in vivoand vitro release data.

In the numerical deconvolution approach, the drug unit impulse response function describes distribution and elimination phases, respectively. Due to its obvious limitations, the usefulness of a Level C correlation is limited in predicting in vivo drug performance.

In vitro – in vivo correlation: from theory to applications.

The amorphous generic batches, on the other hand, contained no buffer, which was to slow down the faster dissolution of the amorphous form of the drug. Whole or partial area under the curve pAUC prediction error PE 1 and prediction error 2 was calculated [ 15 ]: IVIVC can be used in the development of new pharmaceuticals to reduce the number of human studies during the formulation development as the main objective of an IVIVC is to serve as a surrogate for in vivo bioavailability and to support biowaivers.


The concept of correlation level is based upon the ability of the correlation to reflect the complete plasma drug level-time profile which will result from administration of the given dosage form. Review Article Open Access. Practically, the purpose of IVIVC is to use drug dissolution results from two or more products to predict similarity or dissimilarity of expected plasma drug concentration profiles.

The physicochemical characteristics of the drug substance itself, in relevance to formulation approach and dissolution at distal sites in the gastro-intestinal tract, need to be taken into account. E max predicted with IVIVC model represents the maximum of the mean plasma profiles but is compared with the mean C max.

A conventional method was based on a numeric deconvolution, where whole in vitro profiles of cumulative fraction dissolved were taken into account, with or without exclusion of the measurements from selected compartments. Another approach, has been proposed is based on systems of differential equations [ 15 ]. When the discriminatory in vitro method is validated, further formulation development can be relied on the in vitro dissolution only.

The differences between the batches were thus more pronounced here than elsewhere in the apparatus. In this phase plasma drug concentration profiles are predicted and compared to the observed time courses for different formulations Figure 3.

The changes may range from minor changes that are not significant to alter product performance to major ones where an IVIVC is not sufficient to justify the ivjv for regulatory decision [ 424 ]. In order to establish a relationship between dissolution test results and actual results from in vivo studies, different modeling approaches were applied.

J Bioequiv Availab S3. In mathematical terminology, dissolution results become an input function and plasma concentrations e. View at Google Scholar S. The purpose of Level A correlation is to define a direct relationship between in vivo data such that measurement of in vitro dissolution rate alone is sufficient to determine the biopharmaceutical rate ivlv the dosage form.


The fraction of dose absorbed then can be predicted based on these three parameters. One of the challenges of biopharmaceutics research is correlating in vitro drug release kviv of various drug formulations to the in vivo drug profiles IVIVC.

In Vitro?In Vivo Correlation (IVIVC): A Strategic Tool in Drug Development | OMICS International

PBPK models for the prediction of in vivo performance of oral dosage forms. The United States Pharmacopoeia USP also defines IVIVC as iciv establishment of a relationship between a biological property, or a parameter derived from a biological property produced from a dosage form, and a physicochemical property of the same dosage form”.

The normal test duration for immediate release is 15 to 60 minutes with a single time point.

To insure bioavailability for this case, the dissolution profile must be well defined and reproducible. The deconvolution technique requires the comparison of in vivo dissolution profile which can be obtained from the blood profiles with in vitro dissolution profiles.

IVIVC – Wikipedia

A dissolution profile of percentage or fraction of drug dissolved versus time then can be determined. Commonly the following experimental conditions should be considered in this regard. The model directly predicts the plasma concentration time course. Its main advantage is that the complex functions are based on simple technical solutions which make the apparatus user friendly and easy to modify, and at the same time significantly less expensive than the alternatives.

In Figure 20the prediction for Sortis06 is shown. View at Google Scholar.

Volume of distribution was calculated with use of the model based upon a modified version of the Poulin and Theil method [ 13 ]. This observed difference between the ivuv and nonbuffered formulation in Golem provided a useful hint on the manner of in vivo dissolution behavior.