Jill Bolte Taylor is an American neuroanatomist, author, and inspirational public speaker. Bolte Taylor began to study about. My Stroke of Insight () is a non-fiction book by American author Jill Bolte Taylor. In it, she tells of her experience in of having a stroke in her left. The astonishing New York Times bestseller that chronicles how a brain scientist’s own stroke led to enlightenment On December 10, , Jill Bolte Taylor.

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Spontaneously throughout the day, I acknowledge their existence and enthusiastically cheer them on. In My Stroke of Insight, she shares her recommendations for recovery and the insight she gained into the unique functions of the two halves of her brain. Bolte Taylor considers these experiences to be the result of her right brain suddenly being given the chance to run the show while her left brain was incapacitated.

And in that moment, I knew that I was no longer the choreographer of my life. Everyone who ever knew anyone who had a stroke must read this book.

She gives basic brain science for understanding, and speaks from the heart.

How many brain scientists have the opportunity to study their own brain from the inside out? Three stars for the lengthy exercises in right brain exploration, which were fascinating but a little too fluffy for me.

Jill Bolte Taylor – Wikipedia

So many of the children I see are overwhelmed by their senses By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mar 27, Ken rated it liked it. This should discredit her story from the start.


The second problem I had was that the author was the narrator for my audio book and her voice grated on me.

View all 14 comments. It was like peeking into an alternate world only a few are privy to. Jill Bolte Taylor is living proof. Her writing resolutely avoids any such discussion.

Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight | TED Talk

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As she observed her mind deteriorate to the point that she could not walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life-all within four hours-Taylor alternated between the euphoria of the intuitive and kinesthetic right brain, in which she felt a sense of complete well-being and peace, and the logical, sequential left brain, which recognized she was onsight a stroke and enabled her to seek help before she was completely lost.

I have children on my caseload like that It was a quick read, and I found the section on caring for someone who is in this non-verbal state stroje helpful.

She writes as though she is the only person ever who this has happened to. In the meantime, for 45 minutes, the hemorrhage is getting bigger in my left hemisphere.

I agreed with her about the importance of sleep and healing the brain–with ibsight caveat that a patient’s safety you know, ensuring they don’t herniate their brain –should come first, depending on the gravity of the situation. This was a woman’s ‘life’. And JBT does write “lightly” about those things. Oh, the brain cells that were lost simply because he drove over rather than letting paramedics quickly deal with the situation.

I can understand inaight trying to read it would be challenging. I’m not a scientist but Dtroke imagine that in this situation I too would be watching and wondering about what was happening to me. Those are all the bookdarts. It is probably to do with the way she writes, which to me is part of who she is.


Her pop-psych perspective isn’t informed by science.

Jill Bolte Taylor

None of this could be relearn the through talk or reading This is long, contains ranting, and is rather harsh at times. All in all, I’d like to hear accounts of other left-brain stroke survivors, to see if they had similar experiences to her. May 12, Pages Buy. She may be wanting to emphasize a point, but kf would have been easier to listen to if the delivery of the sentiment were varied, not using the exact same words.

AND it totally fooled me into thinking that the rest of the book would be more of the same.

The 11 speakers in this All-Stars session specialize in areas of the brain as diverse as personality, trauma and gender, but they all agree: At one point Jil describes how she could only pick stroe people if they moved. So he recognizes that I need help and he gets me help. She learned she had to be mistrustful of what her brain was telling her and check everything out.

And imagine what it would feel like to lose 37 years of emotional baggage! And sure enough, the phrase didn’t go away.