Product description. For some of guitarist John Scofield’s fans, his best albums date come from the s: Electric Outlet and Still Warm. Recorded before his. John Scofield’s latest CD, Bump, signifies a continued exploration of Sco’s funky roots. It hearks back to such recordings as Still Warm or Blue Matter, but is really . Bump. By John Scofield. • 12 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Three Sisters. 2. Chichon. 3. Beep Beep. 4. Kelpers. 5.

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If you’re familiar with All About Jazzyou know that we’ve dedicated over two decades to supporting jazz as an art form, and more importantly, the creative musicians who make it.

Bump by John Scofield on Spotify

Don’t bring any preconceptions with you when listening to this CD for the first time. Past Present Rediscovery John Scofield: Search Tracks by musician. Jazz Poll Help us identify the world’s top jazz venues. I was a little disappointed in that, because I love Sco’s playing and wanted to hear him blow a little bit.


Feb 13 Wed Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Three Sisters John Scofield. Get better wines for less money at nakedwines.

John Scofield: Bump

Sign in or sign up to upload your press release. For Pros Sign in or sign up to create bum; claim your musician profile page. Search News by title.

How many big name recording sessions do you get to watch? This jhn also an ‘enhanced CD’, with videos, pictures and text files you can view on your Computer. Search Musicians by name. Search Articles by musician.

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More by John Scofield

Help us identify the world’s top jazz venues. Swinganova has a luscious Latin feel that sets off the edgy guitar beautifully. Complex Elegant Refined Sophisticated. The melodies are sparse, almost interwoven with the supporting band texture.


There is a real cooperative feeling here, which imbues the grooves with such life. If you shop at any of the stores below, please initiate your purchase from All About Jazz.

For the most part, however, he sounded like himself back in his days with Miles Davisuohn by now, his playing was less busy and more fluid. First name and Last name. Film Reviews Green Book: Review our musician toolkit page.

View as a separate page. There are some standout tracks.

Country for Old Men Impulse! The disc has a feel of a zcofield, that is, not so much a record date of high-end hired guns. Rethinking Jazz Cultures Francesco Martinelli: The enhanced CD content adds a level of coolness as well.