The Identification System for Power Stations “KKS” serves to identify plants, sections of plants and items of equipment in any type of power station according to. 71 Page Identification System KKS Part 1 – General 4/ II – . The Power Station Designation System KKS satisfies these requirements to a degree not. KKS Identification System for Power – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

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VGB-Be-eBook: KKS Identification System for Power Plants

Their use for any intended purpose is subject to agreement between the parties to the project. However, such schemes may not have the effect of reserving plabts in other applications, not even within the same engineering discipline. R — Gas generation and treatment Identification Samples CKA Gated analog signals representing physically similar direct measured variables are identified by means of a set number, e.

Sysrem Rules for Civil Engineering M — Main machine sets No one of these symbols can be omitted. Redundant zeros must be written. For example we can identify here: F — Indirect measuring circuits It is a common practice to apply s grouping: The second character of FN numbers the cubicles.

Examples Examples of the identification of installation spaces in panels To identify the installation space, draw on front of the panel coordinate system origin – so called grid. Plant letters and designations of main powe B1 for components as given in the Component Key and for signals and signal applications: Remember me on this computer. The contents of this designation in KKS, is left for coordination for particular power plant. EB – Conditioning of signals related to single drive control.


This applies analogously to supply systems. X special structures, Y bridge structures, Z ducting structures.

KKS Identification System for Power Plants – eBook

Format of Breakdown Levels The code is made up of breakdown levels. Closed-loop controls are identified according to the controlles variable and not after the measuring circuits which serves the control or the final control element on which the control acts.

The additional code is used for the numbering of: The individual breakdown levels are differently formatted. Room Identification by Numbering Serial no.

Identification System for Power Stations (KKS)

QCG Central chemical supply free for idenyification e. Such established grid after addressing can state the coordinate system. AK over a separate position code is to be established, e.

The origin and development of KKS It is absolutely essential for the parties participating in the construction and operation of a power plantz to agree upon a standard system for the designation and classification of the plant, its part and components. V Lubricant supply system W Sealing fluid supply system X Fluid supply system for control and protection equipment. L — Steam, water, gas cycles Z — Workshop and office equipment These types of code are distinguished by means of prefix and breakdown symbols.


Identification System for Power Stations (KKS)

Supply systems which serve only one equipment unit are identified on an equal footing as subsystems of the system in which they are installed. Subsequent isolation and pressure equalization valves in the measuring circuit are components of the measuring circuit and therefore classified as KA.

D — Loop control circuits Where signals or measured data are used to limit or suppress the original measured data, the processed output signals retain the code of the original measured data.

System code System code consists of three letters and two digits. Rules on the Keys A Grid and distribution systems B Power transmission and auxiliary power supply C Instrumentation and control systems D Instrumentation and control systems E Conventional fuel supply and residues disposal F Handling of nuclear equipment G Water supply and disposal H Ffor heat generation J Nuclear heat generation K Nuclear auxiliary dor L Steam, water, gas systm M Main machine sets N Process energy supply for external users e.

QCU Central chemical supply free for use e. They are made up of classifying and numbering code elements.