Slow released compound fertilizer as fertilizer alternative for Lempuyang Gajah ( Zingiber zerumbet Linn, Smith) []. Erythrina (Balai Pengkajian Teknologi. The in vitro antibacterial activities of three essential oils of Lempuyang wangi ( Zingiber aromaticum Val.), lempuyang gajah (Zingiber zerumbet Sm), and. Uji Aktivitas Anti Rayap Ekstrak Rimpang Lempuyang Gajah (Zingiber Zerumbet Smith) terhadap Rayap Tanah (Coptotermes Curvignathus Holmgren).

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To plant 1 ha, Its rhizomes are used as a spice as well as for medicinal purposes. Sementara zerumbon tingkat ditentukan dengan metode yang sama tetapi tanpa derivatisasi. Zerumbet ginger flower oil from Vietnam Source: Zingiber is either gathered from the wild or planted in home gardens for local use.

In traditional medicine, pounded leaves are applied to poultice swellings, whereas cold water infusions are used to bathe inflamed eyelids.

In Thai traditional medicine, the rhizomes are taken against asthma and muscle and joint pain. Pharmacogenomic Review, 8 9: Isolation and identification of chemical Constituents of Zingiber zerumbet the rhizome.

The rhizomes of var. Only a few flowers are produced on an inflorescence at a time, with flowering occurring over days in an acropetal sequence. Roscoe mioga gingercultivated in Japan, China and Hawaii, have a bergamot-like flavour and are the source of Japanese ginger, whereas the flowers, fruits and sprouts are used for flavouring.

Anti-inflammatory property of ethanol and water extracts of Zingiber zerumbet. Proceedings of the conference on the medicinal products from tropical rain forest; Gajzh Research Institute of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur; 2: Methanol extracts of Z.


LEMPUYANG GAJAH (Zingiber zerumbet) | EXTRACT | Our Product | Signa Husada | Signahusada

Zingiber is generally propagated by division of rhizomes. In Indonesia, yields of fresh rhizomes of Z. Rhizomes of Zingiber are generally dug up when about 1 year old, but may be harvested earlier. The odour has been described as strong and reminiscent of a mixture of ginger, camphor and turmeric, the taste as hot and camphorous.

Zerumbone, a Southeast Asian ginger sesquiterpene, markedly suppresses free radical generation, proinflammatory protein production, and cancer cell proliferation accompanied by apoptosis: Chemical Constituents of some medicinal plants of Zingiberaceae.

The Green pharmacy of Malaysia. The essential gqjah is applied in India as a perfume in soaps and toilet articles, after blending with other perfumes.

Green pharmacy of Malaysia. However, the rhizomes have also been reported to have a bitter and unpleasant taste. In Indonesia, companies trading in traditional medicines and cosmetics occasionally purchase some Zingiber rhizomes usually driedbut no statistics are available.

Advances in Silylation, in: The propagules must be kept moist in order to prevent drying out. One stake per clump is recommended, with stems loosely tied to the stakes halfway up. J Essent Oil Res, Ethnomedical Zingiberaceous the uses of plants of Northeast India. Fakultas Farmasi, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta e-mail: Increased interest worldwide, and especially in South-East Asia, for traditional medicines and cosmetics may spur commercial production, especially for Z.

Metabolic Fingerprinting as a Diagnostic Tool. The fungitoxic activity of Z. The addition of powdered leaves of Z.

IJMS – Indonesian Journal on Medical Science

Gajan type material of A. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. When supplemental irrigation is not used, it is advisable to plant during the rainy season to ensure rapid crop establishment and optimal growth. There are no known germplasm collections and breeding programmes.


Biosci Biotechnol Biochem, The identification of active components in different plant parts, especially the rhizome, may lead to increased research and production. Zingiber is attacked by several insect pests, including Tribolium sp. Essential oil isolated from stems 0. Email the author Login required. Raised beds cm gamah, surrounded by ditches cm deep are recommended, because the plants do not tolerate waterlogging.

It is also reported to be applied to the head of children in convulsions and to the head and stomach of children with fever. Antipyretic dan Analgesic Activities of Zingiber zerumbet Extracts.

Methanolic extracts of the rhizomes of Z. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengetahui metabolit sekunder yang terkandung dalam ekstrak etanol lempuyang gajah dari dua daerah Solo dan Yogyakarta setelah diderivatisasi dan menentukan tingkat zerumbon nya.

The methylene chloride soluble fraction of the rhizomes lempuyajg Z.

Teh herbal lempuyang gajah sebagai penurun lipid peroksida darah tikus hiperkolesterolemia

The flowers last less than 24 h and open between 10 a. Curcumin is reported to have antioxidant activity. J Am Soc Mass Spectrom.