Transcript of Fideicomiso en la. Ley Su objetivo es desarrollar el mercado hipotecario a fin de reducir el déficit habitacional, a través de. Proyecto de Ley sobre Revalorización Patrimonial El 3 de septiembre del , el Presidente de la República Dominicana sometió ante el Congreso un Proyecto de Ley sobre Pursuant to the provisions set forth under Law No 11 [ ]. al público en general sobre el mercado de valores que sirvan de apoyo a la promoción y desarrollo del mercado de valores de la República Dominicana.

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The basis for determining taxable income is locally sourced income and foreign source income derived from investment and financial gains.

Pursuant to the provisions set forth under Law No. On August 24th ofthe Tax Authorities DGII dominican Ruling regarding the Tax Regime of Trusts with the purpose of establishing the regulations and procedures to be complied with by trusts and the parties thereto involved, with respect to their tax duties and obligations.


The above means that the […]. On September 3rd ofthe President of the Dominican Republic submitted a Bill before Congress regarding the application of a temporary tax regime for the Declaration and Revaluation of Assets, based on the need to create certain conditions for the tax payers to be able to voluntarily transparent their goods and real estate assets, […].

The purchase or sale of real estate property in the Dominican Republic should be made through a written contract in which the parties reflect their agreement about the identity of the property being sold, the sales price and 19-11 terms and conditions of the sale.

Individuals and legal entities that sale a real estate property […]. By Maria Arthur marthur aclaw. Tax Law Home Tax Law.

It is recommended that the seller and the buyer obtain […]. Through this system, the taxpayer of the customs tax obligation importer, consignee, customs agent or broker has the power to set, by itself, the quantity dominiicana the customs tax obligation. Law of Promotion of Exports of the Dominican Republic provides for certain incentives, such as the reimbursement of taxes and customs duties paid by the exporters for raw materials, components, intermediate goods, labels, containers and packing material, if those are incorporated to export goods or returned abroad in the same condition that […].


There are very few differences between statutory profit and taxable profit, apart from the […]. Such Norm provides that all enterprises benefiting from the Dominican Dominixana Zones regime through Free Zones Law of January ofshall submit a […].