In Mexico, probably for centuries, Agave salmiana plantations have been established with shoots of young rhizomes (Mora-López et al. ). Plant database entry for Maguey Pulquero (Agave salmiana) with 4 images and 33 data details. PDF | On Mar 30, , Andres Quezada-Salinas and others published Fungi associated with maguey pulquero (Agave salmiana Otto ex.

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It dies after blooming. This Agave is truly one of the most amazing species one can grow, ultimately reaching dimensions of 3,5 metres wide or more.

Specimens even survive in pots or in the ground in the wet winters of the south coast of England. Native Central Mexico, Usually used in cultivation for pulque. Agave salmiana in San Francisco Botanical Garden. Back to Agavaceae index.

Agave salmiana var. ferox

Salmaina Agave salmiana grows fairly fast in summer if provided with copious water but allows to dry thoroughly before watering again. These striking plants are wonderful salmoana used for accent or simply to provide some all year round foliage and often used in a pot as a patio plant, can be moved around to change the scenery or position to give more shelter Alcoholic drinks: Some seedlings may appear within a week or 10 days others will take longer. Otto ex Salm-Dyck [1].

We are, of course, seeking photos of species not yet ssalmiana in the gallery but not only that, we are also looking for better pictures than those already present. A large stalk emerges from the center of the plant, it becomes 15 to 40 feet tall.


This agave is a succulent recognizable by matuey thick, graceful, dark gray-green curving leaves with projecting spines and its massive stature, reaching 5 – 6 feet tall up to 10 – 12 feet wide. There is a salmianq variability in shape and colour of leaves this matuey owe to differences in provenance or to the possibility that many plants considered to be this species are actually a form of Agave americana subs.

As an ornamental it is also grown in containers where it stays much smaller than its outdoor brethren. Central and southern Mexico. We wish to thank Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for some of the information on this page. Agave salmiana is a species of the family Asparagaceaenative to central and southern Mexico. It can get very large, and it is armed with needle-sharp spines. Major references and further lectures 1 James Cullen, Sabina G.

Koch Gentry [1] is often encountered in cultivation. Need full sun and a very well-drained, slightly acidic, sandy or gravely mavuey. Use extreme care when working around or trimming any Agave. It can be used to stabilise a slope. Agave salmiana Otto ex Salm-Dyck [1].

magjey It differs from other Agave salmiana in its massive stature, urceolate form and the shiny green leaves with short acuminate leaf tips. When a leaf has unfolded, it leaves an imprint on the leaf underneath.

When the plant matures and blooms a tall candelabra inflorescence rises to over 20 feet bearing yellow flowers that attract many birds and bees. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata using P Spring in habitat late March to June appears to be the principal flowering season.


salmian A sodden compost is as harmful as a dry one. This massive and beautiful agave is from the Mexican states of Guanajuato, Oaxaca, and Puebla that forms a dense and very neat rosette of wide, dark green to gray green leaves. Plant in full sun where it is drought tolerant.

The origins of this variety are somewhat unknown. Then green to sapmiana flowers emerge from the terminal end on a horizontal branching structure growing up to 6 feet in diameter. We share images salmianw information with Wikipedia. It produces many suckers which can lead to a large colony if the suckers are not removed. Howard Gentry noted in his book that this plant is sensitive to frosts. Low Water Needs Winter Hardiness: Use pot with good drainage. For a pot culture, it requires a container of very large size to remain in an harmonious appearance.

Agave salmiana (Giant Agave)

Over time it will produce a an urn-shaped silhouette made up of very broadand well-armed, leaves up to 35 cm wide. This plant has also been in cultivation in Europe since the 19th century. The exact origins of this variety are unknown.