It Does Not Die: A Romance. Maitreyi Devi, Author, Maitraye, Author, Maitreyi Devi, Translator University of Chicago Press $ (p) ISBN Precocious, a poet, a philosopher’s daughter, Maitreyi Devi was sixteen On its own, It Does Not Die is a fascinating story of cultural conflict and thwarted love. Turnabout is fair play. The woman mythologized as an enigmatic Indian maiden by Romanian scholar Mircea Eliade in Bengal Nights (see.

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April 16, at 9: But I don’t have a thought out response to the reading besides an impression of her emotions, and my reaction to them. It Does Not Die is Devi’s response. Apr 19, Prakriti PalChoudhury rated it really liked it. Alas, her parents discover their star-crossed love in the delirious beri beri ravings of her younger sister.

I am so touched by the depth of this book. The book gives a good peek into the lives of India’s intellectual elite way back in the s, which was curiously liberal and yet conservative: Obiceiurile, cultura jt pasiunea bengaleza sunt descrise detaliat de catre Maitreyi Devi care ne impartaseste si cateva detalii despre familia sa si despre admiratia pentru poetul Tagore.

Though the two books relate a common event, they differ in many aspects of their plots and perspectives. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat This very nnot drives Amrita to find her unrequited love after a very lon I am so touched by the depth of this book.

Retrieved 6 April Also, you can’t tell that she’s in love until she says she is, and it’s totally surprising because there is no sign of such a thing.


I have read this novel in it’s regional language and the way Maitreyi Devi has written it, the way she has poured down her heart into words is brilliant and truly an unforgettable story.

The mystery is your creation. Her relationship with Mircea fevi he was living in her house and studying under ,aitreyi father forms the core of the book, both for what it meant at the time and for how it effected her life afterwards.

Her father orders the young man out of the house and threatens to have him deported if he tries to contact his daughter.

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IT DOES NOT DIE by Maitreyi Devi | Kirkus Reviews

In part a counter to Eliade’s fantasies, the book is also a moving account of a first love fraught with cultural tensions, of false starts and lasting regrets. Devi later wrote “We were two good exhibits in his museum”. Read together with Eliade’s Bengal NightsDevi’s “romance” is a powerful study of what happens when the jot between innocence and experience, enchantment and disillusion, and cultural difference and colonial arrogance collide.


As revealed in this novel with her side of things and which is indeed much more plausible than his, for reasons too many to counthe made public a fictional account of their otherwise platonic connection, describing a intensely erotic liaison, causing her and her family a lot of trouble. In an absolutely awful print of the film was packaged as a DVD.

It maitreeyi agreement with Devi, it was not published in English untilwhen it appeared as Bengal Nights.

I really enjoyed the last conversation because after all those years he had reached a level similar to hers and they finally maitreyk each other’s minds. And the sound is as muddy as the water of the Sacred Ganges.

The film stared Hugh Grant as the Eliade character, now a Fevi Engineer building dams or something. And in spite of his much advertised feelings for her which in part may have been truehe refused to see her when she visited him in old age, in search of an explanation.

I cannot say I liked it but I didn’t dislike it either, although it is a tedious, lengthy book and not very well written. Reading this book first will be, at best, a somewhat interesting experiment; but you vevi not understand some parts of it and you’ll not enjoy it as much as possible.

He continues to be one of the giants upon whose shoulders I perch unsteadily. Against a rich backdrop of life in an upper-caste Hindu household, Devi powerfully recreates the confusion of an over-educated child simultaneously confronting sex and the differences, not only between European and Indian cultures, but also between her mother’s and father’s view of what was right.

Apr 13, Katrina rated it liked it. An engaging story from a talented and skillful poet, philosopher, and storyteller having her say about the tangled threads of passion and memory.

The scholar takes an interest in the young European and invites him to stay at his home as a member of his large household. Varianta a lui Eliade este O data cu varianta sa de poveste de dragoste, aflam si detalii impresionante despre India anilor More than forty years passed before Devi read Bengal Nights, the novel Eliade had fashioned out of their encounter, maitreti to find small details and phrases, Planned Pedanthood I think thoughts Overall by itself the book is probably nice, but as a response to Mircea Eilade’s “Bengal Nights” it is irresistible: April 16, at Mircea Eliade, and it does not die by Maitreyi Devi.


Both books gracefully trace the authors’ doomed love affair and its emotional aftermath. These two books should be read one after the other. The University of Chicago Press Books. Precocious, a poet, a philosopher’s daughter, Maitreyi Devi was sixteen years old in when Mircea Eliade came to Calcutta to study msitreyi her father.

On discovering their secret romance her father ordered Mircea to leave their house. Feb 12, Anca rated doee liked it Recommends it for: When she heard that the young man with whom she had first felt the pangs of passion–but, maltreyi her account, had next to no physical contact–had portrayed their relationship as a wild, sexual affair that ended when her staunchly traditional family learned of it, her pleasant memories of the events maitrwyi to anger: Romanian Cultural Institute, Europalia International.

The Bengali version “Na Nor that I had read, is palpable and a very honest account of intense young love. In short, this is a book written by maitreui with much more emotional maturity, much more craft, and much more empathy. I assume it was imaginary because the lines didn’t fit the characters in my opinion. East and West, man and woman, reality and fantasy meet in the two books providing quite a good material for discussion I cannot say I liked it but I didn’t dislike it either, although it is a tedious, lengthy book and not very well written.

Devi slips back and forth in time, not simply remembering and all the years since, but living them again, even as her family life, her political and charitable work, and her poetry swirl around her. I was no enigma. In my review of Mircea’s book I came away ih it thinking he suffered from more than the usual edvi man’s vanity and lack of self-awareness, noot wondering why people seemed to think it For a book that is often considered a “response” to Mircea Eliade’s Bengal Nightsand an attempt for Maitreyi to tell her own story of their adolescent romance, the most wonderful thing I got from this book is that it does a much better job of humanizing Mircea and making him sympathetic than his own book did.

You can learn a few important lessons if you really pay attention and not just browse through these books.