it must be introduced including these interruptions (or not introduce it but include its self-weight manually), so the program can assign it its corresponding. The most complete tool for Project Management: bills of quantities, project certifications and specifications. CYPECAD MEP is a program for the analysis, design and check of building IFC files generated by CAD/BIM programs; Export to IFC format; Manual data entry.

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Welded — Building frames with rolled and welded steel I sections. The damage or fracture suffered by the element causes its stiffness to vary. Only the prices of concepts which are identified by their code will be taken.

Its use guarantees maximum analysis reliability and optimum drawing design. This way, different arquinedes behaviour loadcases are considered; the worst case being taken to design the element. Floor slabs Joist floor slabs can be composed of concrete genericprecast reinforcement, precast prestressed, in situ, steel T and double T sectionstruss joists and timber. To uninstall the CYPE programs, follow one of the following methods, depending on the version you have installed.

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The program automatically generates any loadcase combination defined by the user in accordance with the conditions that have been indicated compatible, incompatible or simultaneous. They can be configured so that our users obtain the drawing adjusted to each of their needs.

Export to spreadsheets Arquimedes imports and exports CSV format files, allowing for data exchange with spreadsheets. To conclude, a comparison is carried out of the total shear per floor, in each analysis direction, produced by arquimwdes seismic loadcase for each stiffness state that is considered. An integrated 3D structure is a steel, aluminium or arquimeves structure, made up of nodes and bars with six degrees of freedom which is connected and bonded to the main building structure managed by CYPECAD.

Arquimedes allows for prices, yield rates, etc. Seismic spectrum specified by users. When there is a non-uniform distribution between floors of the stiffness associated with the partitions, the horizontal forces have a greater impact on the columns belonging to the floors with less stiffness, producing shear forces of a high magnitude in the columns.


Arquimedes has the most powerful report template editor in the market to personalise and create reports. If any problems have been encountered in the design, the program generates a warning message for those cases in which incidents have been found but does not invalidate the design of the installation, and error messages for those in which the problem causes an incorrect design of the installation.

The approximation carried out by the Using the Purchase groups option, the program dype users to create purchase groups and incorporate, within them, suppliers or subcontractors selected from the suppliers list of the job.

The following graph displays the total shear per floor produced by the seismic loadcase for each stiffness state that has been considered.

Allows for several bills of quantities offers to be compared vype, hence, any variances in their quantities, prices or amounts can be seen. Construction elements Installation Only Air conditioning All the installations Only the indicated installation elements: They can be rectangular, trapezoidal or any type of polygon designed on screen, as well as being single cell or multiple cell elements.

How can I make safety copies of jobs I have worked on? Users can assign them freely to any side or end of beams reaching columns.

The data defining the parameter can also be edited e. The shears and moments resulting from the analysis in which only the structural elements have been considered, are amplified by a factor that varies depending on the seismic design code that has been considered.

When this option is activated, a dialogue box appears where users can define the following data: For each state, the modal responses forces, displacements, distortions, etc.

FAQ Installation instructions

If the stiffness of the intermediate floor were to be substantially less than that of the ground floor, a third structure could be analysed in which the construction elements are introduced at all floors except the intermediate floor. These are located in the following directory: The displacements, forces, force combinations and steel areas of flat and solid slabs, slabs on grade and waffle slabs can be represented by contour maps coloured diagrams in which each colour represents a value and in manal line diagrams curves that joint geometric points with the same value.


In these versions, the program generates two analysis models: Hence, the stiffness provided by the different non-structural elements can change during the seismic action, due to the cracks and fractures which appear successively.

These are intermediate states, in manula each laterally confined element provides a percentage of its stiffness depending on the level of damage it has reached. manuzl

Design codes implemented in CYPE programs. The strap beams also act on the pile caps and the tie beams brace the elements. Depending on the stiffness of the models, the intervals and, therefore, their associated accelerations will vary.

Manually modify amnual text Cut, copy, paste, search for or substitute texts Modify the format type, font and size of the text, text alignment, paragraph numbering The positions of the truck are incompatible amongst one another but compatible with the generic live load and the remaining loadcases of a different nature.

These modifications are saved with the project.

The payment plan can be displayed in a graph. Beams The floor beams may be reinforced concrete, steel normal or castellatedmixed and timber. To do so, the mabual offers a list of elements which could possible make up part of this study. It may occur occasionally, that a “cad” directory has been generated containing DXF drawing files.

If you have acquired the automatic job introduction module, not only will you be able to adjust beams to DXF or DWG lines, but also to open or closed polygons in arquumedes drawing files. Additionally, if there are any new concepts, these are added to the existing bill of quantities.

This has been adapted for national and international codes. With unlimited nodes and barsin general practice. The resulting quantity tables, after the import of data from these programs, can contain many quantity lines belonging to the same element. The use of these modules requires for the user to have the corresponding license permits.